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How To Negotiate An HRIS Agreement

Almost all HR software buyers avoid negotiating their agreements. This is a missed opportunity. Negotiations don't need to involve deception or deceit. Instead, here is an approach we recommend

Building Your HRIS Requirements

When buying a new HRIS, it is important to determine what features and functionality will be critical to the projects success. This article will speed up your requirements building process, by showing what functionality is available in the marketplace

The Best HRIS Systems for 2020... And Who They Work Best For

At the mid-way point of 2020, we've decided to do a quick recap of the most effective HRIS systems in 2019, describing which organizations benefit most from each vendor's services.

What is an HRIS?

Not sure what an HRIS is? This article covers all the basics you need to know, including: when businesses invest in an HRIS, what functionality you can expect, and how to find the right one for your needs.

How HR Software Vendors Are Responding to COVID-19

A running list of all of the promotions, discounts and resources that HR software vendors have created in the wake of the coronavirus disruptions

Staying Sane While Working From Home

Many people will be getting their first extended taste of the work from home (WFH) lifestyle these next few weeks. Here are some things I learned about staying sane while working from home:

HRIS Pricing Comparisons for 2020

This quick guide can help you understand what pricing range you should expect form every major HRIS vendor and what features each can offer

The Most Cost-Effective HR Software In 2019

How do you make your dollar go further when buying HR software? Partner with companies like these, who can deliver a great service at a competitive price

What Were the Buying Trends in HR Technology for 2019?

After assisting with over 150 HR software purchases in 2019, here are the key trends and buying priorities we learned from our clients

Should I buy an All-in-One HRIS or take a Best-In-Class approach?

Helping you think through the pros and cons of opting for an all-in-one HRIS system or taking a best-in-class approach?

HR Tech Conference Recap: The Most Innovative Company Was A Background Check Company(?)... And Other Observations

Our observations of the HR Tech space after spending three days at the national HR Technology Conference

The Best Tools for Hiring and Managing an International Workforce

Managing an international workforce can seem like a scary unknown for many businesses, but these companies are making it easier to find talent wherever it is.

The 10 Best HRIS Systems for Mid-Sized Companies

At the end of 2019, we've decided to do a quick recap of the most effective HRIS systems in 2019, describing which organizations benefit most from each vendor's services.

How Long Does It Take to Buy And Implement A New HRIS

A quick look at the estimated timeline and necessary steps to migrate to a new HRIS

Greenhouse vs Lever vs Workable vs Jazz.. an overview of the best Modern ATS's

An ATS is the most unique piece of HR technology and there are a handful of interesting modern companies. Here is how they differ:

How to Select a New HRIS, Quickly and Effectively

The buying process doesn't have to be overwhelming. These easy-to-borrow steps can help you be deliberate, thorough and efficient.

Beyond the RFP: 8 Questions To Answer When Evaluating HR Software

The formal RFP process isn't very useful. Learn how to ask the right questions during an evaluation process, to end up with a product that is aligned with your goals

The 8 Best Modern HRIS Systems... And Who They Work Best For

It can be hard for HR teams to keep an eye on new technologies. Here are the 8 that OutSail finds most interesting and who they work best for!

How Smart Teams Are Finding The Right Software

“Wait a second -- Did someone just have a brilliant idea?” What early adopters are saying about OutSail.

How OutSail Is Simplifying Software Buying

Since the vendor broker model is new to the HR space, we decided to share the five most important ways that having a vendor broker can save your HR team time and money.

5 Secret Ways to Vet HR Vendors

Sharing a few tips and tricks we've learned as we've spent an entire year getting to know the HR software landscape

What are HR Teams Buying in 2019

Based on over 100 solution searches that we've managed this year, we looked at the buying trends from progressive HR teams

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