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ADP Workforce Now Reviews - Pricing, Pros/Cons, User Reviews

February 15, 2021
Brett Ungashick

ADP is perhaps the most well-known vendor in the HRIS industry due to their unique expertise around payroll. 1 out of every 6 Americans is paid by ADP. Workforce Now is their flagship HRIS solution. Learn more about ADP Workforce Now's average customer size, strengths, weaknesses, costs and integration capabilities.



ADP Workforce Now is a full suite HRIS system that can serve as a one-stop-shop for companies, covering everything from payroll, benefits and HR to recruiting, onboarding, performance and learning. Workforce Now is utilized by companies of all shapes and sizes, but their strongest audience is in the Mid-Market. ADP is known for their strengths around payroll and tax filing, and also provides expertise to support virtually any business scenario. ADP also has a unique outsourced service, called Comp Services, that allows companies to put their payroll processing and benefits management on auto-pilot.

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Market Segment

ADP is considered a Mid-Market HRIS, which means the system works best for companies with between 50 and 500 employees. Mid-Market solutions are designed to be an all-in-one HRIS for companies with fairly standard HR requirements. Mid-Market solutions typically take about 3 months to implement and do not require external consultants to successfully implement and manage the solutions. Mid-Market solutions can be limited in how scalable they are, due to a lack of custom workflow tools and limited rules engines.

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ADP charges companies on a per employee per month basis. A typical ADP Workforce Now subscription can cost anywhere from $19-26 PEPM, depending on the size of your company and the modules included in your scope. When ADP's Comp Services are included, those costs can range from $30-42 PEPM.

In addition to the software fees, ADP will typically charge a one-time implementation fee. ADP's implementation fees are typically about 10-20% of the annual software fees (i.e., $10-20K implementation fee on a $100K annual purchase)

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  • ADP is the market leader when it comes to payroll processing and tax filing services. They pay 1 in every 6 Americans and have deep in-house expertise on all things payroll-related
  • ADP also has a very strong global payroll offering due to their acquisition of Celergo, a leading global payroll aggregator
  • ADP has increased their integration capabilities in the past few years, building out open APIs and a marketplace of pre-built integration connectors
  • ADP has a unique outsourced service offering called Comp Services, which can free up an HR team to focus on more strategic initiatives
  • Customer support has historically been a challenge for ADP customers, as their large customer base necessitates large scale support systems that include ticketing queues, 1-800 lines and speaking with offshore support teams
  • ADP Workforce Now has developed through a combination of internal development and external acquisitions, leading to a less-than-unified experience for admins and employees
  • This multiple database architecture can lead to manual re-entry issues for admins and to challenges with getting real-time data for reporting

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Integration Capabilities

ADP has improved their integration capabilities in the past few years and now has open APIs as well as a marketplace of pre-built connectors. Many leading 3rd party solutions, such as Lattice and Greenhouse, are members of the ADP marketplace. That being said, there are some issues with ADP Workforce Now's underlying architecture which make it so that certain data and fields can only be transferred manually

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Global Capabilities

ADP can serve as a global system of record for international companies. They have support teams around the globe and their system can be localized to support many languages. Additionally, ADP owns Celergo, a leading global payroll aggregator, which allows them to provide comprehensive global payroll services too. The one challenge with ADP's global offering is that Workforce Now and Celergo are two separate, non-integrated systems.

Modules Offered
  • Payroll
  • Benefits Admin
  • HR / Employee Files
  • Time & Attendance
  • Onboarding
  • Recruiting
  • Performance
  • Compensation
  • Engagement
  • Learning

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