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The Broker Advantage

OutSail is the industry's first & only broker of HR software. Learn why our cost-free, vendor-agnostic approach is the choice for modern buyers
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Trusted by 1,000+ leading companies:
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How is OutSail free?

When an OutSail customer makes a successful purchase, we receive a commission from the winning software vendor
Cost Free

No Cost to Buyers - Directly or Indirectly

OutSail's vendor data, cutting edge tools & expert support are all yours - for free!

No Fees

As a software buyer, you never pay to use OutSail's technology tools and advisory services

No Upsells

You get full access to our entire suite of tools & services. No premium tiers or additional fees
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No Passed Along Costs

While our revenue comes from the software vendors, the vendors do not raise their prices to cover our costs

No Commitment

There are no penalties, if you start a software buying process and decide not to make a change
Vendor Agnostic

Every Vendor. No Favoritism

Every leading HR Tech vendor works with OutSail and our commission rate is the same for each

Every Vendor

OutSail's partner ecosystem includes 220+ HR Tech companies, including over 50+ in the HRIS vertical

No Influence

Vendors don't have any access to the OutSail platform and cannot pay us to influence their ratings & reviews
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Same Rate

Each of OutSail's vendor partners pays us the same commission, so our incentives are aligned with our clients


We disclose our commissions to each customer, so you know exactly what we stand to make

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