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The 10 Best HRIS Systems for Mid-Sized Companies

February 15, 2021
Brett Ungashick

At the end of 2019, we've decided to do a quick recap of the best HRIS systems for mid-sized companies, describing which organizations benefit most from each vendor's services.

[Updated on 8/26/2020]

For companies that are evaluating new HRIS systems, it can be helpful to understand the best options, so you can start building a shortlist.

Adding names to a shortlist is easy, but what becomes challenging is how to efficiently narrow the list down. Most, if not all, HR teams are too strapped for time to sit on ten to fifteen introductory demonstrations just to find their five finalists.

We believe the key to finding the right partner is identifying the technology provider whose strengths align most with your biggest needs. So, below we’ve listed 10 of the best HRIS companies for mid-sized buyers, and what types of organizations see the most success on their platforms.

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Ceridian’s flagship product is called Dayforce, a highly automated and scalable platform for all organizations. Ceridian’s biggest strengths are in Core HR where they offer leading expertise and automations around payroll, time tracking, accruals and taxes, all of which can save admins a lot of time, while still offering an enjoyable employee-facing experience too.

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UltiPro needs no introduction for most HR professionals. They helped pioneer the HRIS industry and have continued to build on their market leadership by offering an end-to-end HRIS platform that can automate many of HR's most nightmarish headaches. In addition to a long track record, Ultimate also has a large, diverse client base and an experienced staff, so there isn't much they haven't seen and can't handle.


Paycor is similar to many other HCM companies, in that they started off as a payroll service first and then added additional modules later. However, Paycor stands out in the SMB space by offering one of the most well-rounded offerings in the market. Their ATS (Newton) is a true market leader and the value of their total package is often hard to beat.


Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, BambooHR’s popularity has skyrocketed because they’ve focused on doing fewer things, better. Traditionally, this has meant offering a very modern, easy-to-use and affordable HRIS. They also give buyers the flexibility to buy their in-house talent modules, or to easily integrate standalone tools instead. Recently, BambooHR acquired a payroll company and are transitioning into being a fully end-to-end HRIS.


Paycom is one of the few true, single-database HRIS platforms in the marketplace. Their entire system has been built in-house, rather than acquired via acquisition, which drastically reduces the amount of manual entry that administrators need to do. Not only do admins enjoy the simplicity and automations, but end users also find the technology approachable, modern and intuitive.


Rippling can give you a glimpse into the future of where HR technology is heading. Rippling’s technology brings IT and HR together, like never before. Onboarding a new employee in Rippling not only brings them live in the payroll system, but will also add the employee to other apps like Slack, Salesforce, email and more. Rippling can help reduce the hundred minor steps that can add up to hours of an HR leader’s day.

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SyncHR is a rising star in the mid-enterprise space. SyncHR identified three big challenges with traditional HCM platforms: integrations, support and deployment. In response, they’ve built a full-featured HRIS that can be deployed in less than 90 days, is supported by a responsive customer team and can help unify even the most messy technology ecosystems.

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Kronos has always been a market leader in workforce management technology. The most complex organizations in the world use Kronos to simplify their time collection, scheduling and workforce forecasting capabilities. And Kronos has continued to build on this foundation by developing a modern end-to-end HRIS, with their workforce management expertise at the heart of the entire system.

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Paylocity is a strong choice for mid-sized companies looking for a well-rounded partner. Paylocity has been recognized for their strong Core HR offering (payroll, time and benefits), and they have continued to expand the talent management functionality to layer on top of it. In addition to offering a capable platform, Paylocity is often a great value and one of the quickest HRIS’s to deploy too.

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Namely sets the standard in the HRIS space for employee self-service. Their interface was modeled after social networks and employees find it easy-to-use and enjoyable. Namely has a nearly end-to-end offering and, for the modules that they don’t make in-house (ATS, LMS), they have pre-built integrations with market leaders.

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Brett Ungashick
Brett is the founder of OutSail. He spent the early part of his career selling HR software before switching sides and going to work for the people buying the software.

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