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Leverage the leading HRIS marketplace and world-class evaluation tools for a efficient & effective software buying process
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HRIS Evaluation Tools

Select the right vendors for the right reasons

Set your key criteria, access expert-crafted questions & score vendors as a team.

Choose key criteria from OutSail's library, or build your own scorecard. Have your scorecards open during vendor meetings to instantly access challenging questions, take notes on vendor responses and submit scores as a team.
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Shared scorecards
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Suggested vendor questions
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Weighted scoring
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Real-time updates
Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your entire team

Invite colleagues to your workspace, assign different permissions & right, and monitor activity.

Invite anyone from your organization to collaborate on your selection process. Give full access and control to your project managers, while limiting the actions and visibilities of your project contributors.
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User rights & permissions
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Shared hub for project progress
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Activity tracking
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Real-time chat during demos
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Project Plans & Timelines

Interactive checklist for a thorough selection

Step-by-step guidance with timelines & to-do's to purchase quickly and confidently.

Set your company's go-live date and see all of your project milestones & timelines in one place. Cross off actions as you complete them to stay on task for a timely selection.
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Project phases & steps
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Project plan with key milestone
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Interactive selection timelines
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Guides & resources for every step

Too good to be true?

Here are a few questions, you might be asking yourself right now
Is OutSail free for HR Software buyers?

Yes, our mission is to help every business be better at buying HR software, so we have made our platform & services entirely free to buyers. We get compensated by the winning vendor when our clients make a purchase, and the vendors do not pass this cost along to you in the form of higher software fees.

How does your team stay neutral?

Our team stays neutral by working with every major vendor in the market, by creating as much consistency across our referral agreements as possible and by disclosing our commission rates to each customer, so you have full transparency into exactly how we get paid

We already met with vendors, is it too late to use you?

No, it's never too late! Whether you are at the start of your journey or halfway through, OutSail can step in at any time. You can maintain any current progress & vendor relationships; and we can provide you with our proprietary tools, data, and expert guidance to help you make a more informed decision and negotiate the best possible agreement.

Does OutSail offer post-purchase support?

Yes, OutSail continues to support clients even after they've made their purchase. We can match you with the leading consultants for each software platform to manage the implementation process, including data conversion, process mapping, and user training. Additionally, if you want to optimize your existing software, we can recommend consultants who can provide outsourced support for HR, Benefits, and Payroll.

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