OutSail's technology broker services are:


Work with a dedicated advisor who gets to know your business's needs, your personal goals and the solutions that will help you thrive.


Learn the best, worst and everything in between about potential vendors, all while gaining insights into how to be a savvy software buyer

Free & Trusted

OutSail is accessible for all businesses because we get paid by the software vendors, and only if our clients are happy with the technologies they've selected.

How can you leverage OutSail's free services?

Vendor Comparisons

Don't have time for lengthy research and demos?

Request a Vendor Report

OutSail will provide personalized vendor reports in 2-3 business days, complete with pricing, integration information and detailed pros/cons

Project Management

Want to have an expert guide you through a buying process?

Kick-Off A Buying Process

An OutSail advisor will provide all of the tools (scorecards, demo guides, project plans) and knowledge (negotiation strategies and vendor insights) to help you get the best deal with the best vendor.

Strategic Advisor

Not actively buying software but want an HR technology strategy?

Benchmark Your Tech Stack

OutSail can audit your tech stack and benchmark you against your peers. Then you can receive a recommended roadmap and help with making the business case to secure budget

You're in good company:

ATS & Recruiting




Performance & Engagement


Time & Attendance

Support for every purchase

Whether you need a new HCM system, or just want to improve your pulse surveys, OutSail can provide guidance on any purchase you're looking to make.

Personalize your results

OutSail scores vendors across 10 different dimensions. Rank your most important factors to find the best solutions for your team.

Know it all, instantly

Skip the days of research, the hour long demos, and the open-ended questions to your network.

OutSail's vendor reports cover everything from pricing and support, to biggest strengths and concerns.

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How is OutSail free?

OutSail pioneered the vendor broker model

OutSail's "Always Free" Promise

How it works and how we avoid bias

When I left the world of software sales to come start OutSail, one of my core beliefs was that OutSail should be free to HR teams.

And while being free is great, being trusted is even better. So we think it's important to be upfront about how we get paid:

If you decide to buy from a vendor that OutSail recommends, that vendor owes us a small fee for making the introduction.

Here's what you need to know:

No hidden fees. Vendors do not pass this cost along to you. Instead, it comes from their sales & marketing budget.

No preferred vendors. We have partnerships with over 120 HR software vendors, including every key player in the HRIS, Payroll, ATS, LMS, Performance and Engagement spaces.

Satisfaction guarantee. If you're unhappy with a purchase that we recommended, we will give our introduction bonus to you to help with your next purchase.

Brett Ungashick

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