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The Best HR Software Platforms for High-Growth Companies

June 7, 2023
Brett Ungashick

Finding the right HR software platforms is challenging enough, but doing so at a high-growth company can be a big headache between finding a system that can support the here and now, while also finding a solution that is scalable enough for the future. Here are some great HR software tools to consider at a high-growth company:

HR leaders at high-growth tech companies often need strong HR software platforms to help them handle the myriad activities and requirements that come with a fast-paced business environment.

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But one challenge that buyers face is trying to identify systems that fit the organization's current state. You don't want to buy a system that is too robust and creates more work for you, but you also don't want to buy a system that is too simple and will be outgrown in short order.

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Below is an overview of the different systems to consider at various stages of growth.

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Seed / Series A

Core HR


Overview: Gusto is the most popular choice for small business HR and payroll today. The market was formerly dominated by Paychex and ADP, but Gusto has provided a modern, user-friendly alternative that has given organizations a cost-effective option to begin their growth with. Gusto can manage HR, benefits enrollment, employee onboarding, payroll processing and tax filing.

Average Customer Size: 3-50 employees

Typical Price Point: $8-16 PEPM

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Overview: JazzHR is an ideal recruiting platform for an early stage company that wants to start formalizing their recruitment processes, create greater efficiency and begin tracking candidate data. JazzHR is a full featured system that can allow teams to post jobs, track candidates, collaborate with hiring managers and submit offer letters. However, despite the robust feature set, JazzHR does not require a long implementation and offers month-to-month contracts.

Average Customer Size: 15-150 employees

Typical Price Point: $4-8 PEPM

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Talent Management


Overview: 15Five offers a full suite of performance management and employee engagement functionality. One great feature of 15Five is that they allow companies to only purchase parts of the system, so that buyers can ease into all of the capabilities that 15Five offers. Some businesses want to start with the employee engagement solutions to have regular surveys of their workforce. Others want to start with the performance management tools, so they can facilitate ongoing manager-employee dialogues.

Average Customer Size: 30-250 employees

Typical Price Point: $5-12 PEPM

Series B / Series C

Core HR


Overview: Rippling is the fastest growing company in the HRIS space and they do extremely well for high-growth companies. Rippling provides a best-in-class integration marketplace that allows companies to bring their 3rd party data into one platform. Rippling also has a differentiated onboarding experience that not only allows for new hire paperwork, but also can facilitate ordering of computers and pre-populating those with business apps. Finally, Rippling has a unique custom workflow building tool that allows businesses to create unique automations as they scale

Average Customer Size: 20-250 employees

Typical Price Point: $22-31 PEPM

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Overview: Lever is a great recruiting platform for mid-sized scaling companies and is especially strong at creating automations to assist with engaging talent pools. Lever has a CRM built into their platform that can allow admins to automate touchpoints with candidates and keep engaged candidates warm.

Average Customer Size: 50-250 employees

Typical Price Point: $7-11 PEPM

Talent Management


Overview: Lattice is quickly becoming the leading talent management platform for mid-sized companies. Lattice started off as a performance management platform with goal tracking capabilities but has quickly developed employee engagement surveys, career pathing tools and a compensation management tool too.

Average Customer Size: 50-500 employees

Typical Price Point: $7-15 PEPM

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Series D & Beyond

Core HR


Overview: Once businesses begin getting too complex for some of their early stage payroll and HR tools, making the leap to UKG Pro can be a great decision. UKG's system is user friendly for employees while offering admins a very robust set of features to support complex workforce management, headcount planning, multi-FEIN management and more.

Average Customer Size: 250-1,000 employees

Typical Price Point: $28-34 PEPM

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Overview: Greenhouse is the most popular ATS in the mid-market today. Their solution is used by a vast majority of high-growth tech companies and the reasons often boil down to configurability. Greenhouse allows recruitment teams to design their own processes and workflows and to automate many steps in the recruitment process.

Average Customer Size: 100-1,000 employees

Typical Price Point: $10-14 PEPM

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Talent Management


Overview: Docebo is the leading learning management system (LMS) for mid-sized companies. Once businesses are running regular performance management processes, one of their next areas of focus is building out a robust training and development process. Docebo integrates with all leading HRIS's and offers a strong user experience for admins and learners.

Average Customer Size: 200-2,000 employees

Typical Price Point: $6-12 PEPM

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Brett Ungashick
Brett is the founder of OutSail. He spent the early part of his career selling HR software before switching sides and going to work for the people buying the software.

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