Helping software buyers buy better

Organizations rely on software more than ever before. But it's never been harder to research, select & implement new tools

OutSail exists because buyers deserve more. More support, more insights, more resources & more expertise

Come see why buying software with the help of a software broker is the way of the future
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1,000+ satisfied customers
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220+ leading software partners
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100,000+ business hours saved

The Broker Advantage

OutSail is the industry's first & only broker of HR software.
Learn why our cost-free, vendor-agnostic approach is the choice for modern buyers
Cost Free

No Cost to Buyers - Directly or Indirectly

OutSail's vendor data, cutting edge tools & expert support are all yours - for free!

No Fees

As a software buyer, you never pay to use OutSail's technology tools and advisory services

No Upsells

You  get full access to our entire suite of tools & services. No premium tiers or additional fees
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No Passed Along Costs

While our revenue comes from the software vendors, the vendors do not raise your prices to cover our costs

No Commitment

There are no penalties, if you start a buying process and decide not to make a change,
Vendor Agnostic

Every Vendor. No Favoritism

Every leading HR Tech vendor works with OutSail and our commission rate is the same for each

Every Vendor

OutSail's partner ecosystem includes 220+ HR Tech companies, including over 50+ in the HRIS vertical

No Influence

Vendors don't have any access to the OutSail platform and cannot pay us to influence their ratings & reviews
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Same Rate

Each of OutSail's vendor partners pays us the same commission, so our incentives are aligned with our clients


We disclose our commissions to each customer, so you know exactly what we stand to make

The OutSail story... so far

OutSail was founded by former software sales executives, who recognized that the buying experience was broken for buyers
Jun 2018
OutSail is launched in Denver, CO
Aug 2018
The broker model begins as OutSail signs its first referral partnerships
JaN 2019
OutSail's first client goes live in their new HRIS
Dec 2021
OutSail crosses the $50M mark for client purchases made
June 2023
OutSail releases HRIS Evaluation Tools for buyers
Feb 2024
OutSail launches the first real-time HRIS marketplace

Our commitment to you

Available Expertise

Working with caring, talented experts should be accessible to organizations of all shapes & sizes

Process Excellence

We work every day to ensure that your buying processes are easier, more efficient & more successful

Constant Curiosity

We always strive for deeper knowledge of our industry, our partners & how we can serve our clients better

Play the Long Game

By aligning our incentives with your outcomes, we make sure our success is only possible when you succeed.

No one buys more HR software than us

Satisfied clients
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Business hours saved
In HR Tech purchased
See why modern buyers are choosing OutSail's broker model when selecting their next HRIS

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Too good to be true?

Here are a few questions, you might be asking yourself right now
Is OutSail free for HR Software buyers?

Yes, our mission is to help every business be better at buying HR software, so we have made our core services entirely free to buyers. We get compensated by the winning vendor when our clients make a purchase, and the vendors do not pass this cost along to you in the form of higher software fees.

How does your team stay neutral?

Our team stays neutral by working with every major vendor in the market, by creating as much consistency across our referral agreements as possible and by disclosing our commission rates to each customer, so you have full transparency into exactly how we get paid

We already met with vendors, is it too late to use you?

No, it's never too late! Whether you are at the start of your journey or halfway through, OutSail can step in at any time. You can maintain any current progress & vendor relationships; and we can provide you with our proprietary tools, data, and expert guidance to help you make a more informed decision and negotiate the best possible agreement.

Does OutSail offer post-purchase support?

Yes, OutSail continues to support clients even after they've made their purchase. We can match you with the leading consultants for each software platform to manage the implementation process, including data conversion, process mapping, and user training. Additionally, if you want to optimize your existing software, we can recommend consultants who can provide outsourced support for HR, Benefits, and Payroll.

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