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BambooHR offers a user-friendly HRIS with a broad range of modules at competitive prices. Ideal for SMBs, it integrates with many 3rd party tools. Use OutSail's HRIS Marketplace for tailored HRIS matches

Brett Ungashick
OutSail HRIS Advisor
July 4, 2023
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In a world where organizations continually seek ways to streamline their operations and enhance employee experiences, the demand for Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) has surged. These systems have evolved into indispensable tools for managing HR functions efficiently. Among the industry leaders, BambooHR has become a user-friendly and cost-effective solution designed primarily for mid-sized companies. In this review, we delve into the world of BambooHR, examining its strengths, weaknesses, and whether it's the right fit for your business.

Overview of BambooHR

A Decade-Long Journey

Since its inception, BambooHR has made impressive strides, steadily growing into a market leader in the SMB (Small and Medium-sized Business) and Mid-Market segments. With over a decade of experience, BambooHR has fine-tuned its HRIS solution to cover a wide spectrum of functionality, including performance management, recruiting, and onboarding. This comprehensive suite of features has positioned BambooHR as a dependable choice for companies seeking an integrated solution for their HR needs.

Competitive Pricing Model

One of BambooHR's standout features is its competitive pricing model. The software is offered monthly or quarterly subscriptions, making it accessible to a range of businesses. The cost typically ranges between $10 and $22 per employee per month (PEPM), offering a compelling value proposition. As an organization's employee count increases, BambooHR's pricing becomes even more favorable, scaling down and potentially reducing the overall HRIS expenses.

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In addition to the software fees, implementing BambooHR will require a one-time implementation fee. BambooHR will charge ~5-10% of the annual software fees for their implementation fees (i.e., $5-10K implementation fee on a $100K annual purchase)

Strategic Acquisition

In 2018, BambooHR strategically acquired TraxPayroll, an established national payroll company. This acquisition bolstered BambooHR's capabilities, giving clients access to a robust payroll offering within the platform. With features like automatic tax calculation, direct deposit, and compliance with local regulations, BambooHR's payroll system became valuable to its HRIS suite.

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The Strengths of BambooHR

User Experience

BambooHR stands out for its exceptional user experience. The interface is celebrated for its simplicity and intuitiveness, making it accessible to HR professionals and employees. This focus on user-friendliness allows for a seamless transition to digital HR processes, improving overall efficiency and reducing the learning curve for new users.

Company Culture & Support

BambooHR's dedication to maintaining a positive company culture has ripple effects on its workforce and customer service. The organization's high employee retention rates translate into a stable and experienced support team. Customers consistently praise BambooHR for its exceptional customer support, with high ratings in the industry. This commitment to serving clients extends to various support options, including email, phone, and live chat, along with a robust knowledge base and community forum for user interaction.

Unified System

The integration of TraxPayroll into BambooHR has led to the development of a unified HRIS and Payroll system. This consolidation of critical HR functions streamlines operations, reducing the complexity of managing employee data and payroll processing. It also ensures data accuracy and eliminates the need for separate, disjointed systems, creating a more efficient and seamless user experience.

Integration Prowess

BambooHR understands the importance of flexibility and offers pre-built integrations with numerous third-party HR tools. This versatility allows businesses to sync their existing systems effortlessly, avoiding the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of data discrepancies. However, it's worth noting that while pre-built integrations are readily available, custom integrations can be challenging to build due to BambooHR's limited professional services resources.

Emerging Benefits Administration

While BambooHR traditionally focused on core HR functions, it has recently ventured into benefits administration. This strategic move completes its suite of Core HR modules, providing businesses with a more holistic HRIS solution. However, it's important to acknowledge that this aspect of BambooHR is still in its early stages, and users may encounter some limitations compared to specialized benefits administration tools.

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Areas of Consideration with BambooHR

Off-the-Shelf Nature

BambooHR's strength lies in its quick deployment and ease of setup. However, this off-the-shelf approach can have limitations in terms of customization. Businesses with specific workflows and complex user permission structures may find BambooHR less accommodating, as the system offers limited customization.

Newer Benefits System

While BambooHR's expansion into benefits administration is a positive development, it's essential to recognize that this aspect of the platform is relatively new. It may lack some of the maturity and depth found in dedicated benefits administration tools. Businesses with intricate benefits management requirements may need to evaluate whether BambooHR's offering meets their needs effectively.

Limitations in Specific Sectors

BambooHR may not be the ideal choice for organizations with specialized requirements in areas like payroll and timekeeping. Some users have reported challenges handling shift differentials and certified payroll within the system. If your business operates in sectors with unique payroll or timekeeping demands, it's crucial to assess whether BambooHR can adequately address these needs.

Integration Concerns

While BambooHR excels in pre-built integrations, businesses seeking custom integrations may encounter hurdles. BambooHR's limited professional services resources can make building custom integrations a more complex and time-consuming, potentially requiring third-party assistance.

Deciding if BambooHR is Right for Your Business

Ideal for Mid-sized Entities

BambooHR's design is well-suited for medium-sized enterprises that prioritize user-friendly HR solutions. If your organization falls into this category, BambooHR offers an attractive proposition, providing essential HR functionalities in an accessible package.

The Pricing Edge

For businesses seeking a balance between cost and quality, BambooHR's competitive pricing model is compelling. Its affordability, coupled with a range of features, positions it as an attractive option for companies aiming to maximize the value of their HRIS investment.

When Custom Needs Arise

It's essential to consider your organization's level of customization requirements. If your business relies heavily on intricate workflows and specific user permissions, BambooHR's off-the-shelf nature may pose limitations. In such cases, evaluating more flexible HRIS options might be necessary.

The Integration Question

BambooHR's extensive pre-built integrations can simplify the integration process for organizations reliant on third-party HR tools. However, if custom integrations are essential to your operations, be prepared for potential challenges and consider enlisting external help.


BambooHR has maintained its reputation as a user-friendly and cost-effective choice for mid-sized companies. Its decade-long journey has seen it mature into a comprehensive HRIS platform with various strengths, including a superior user experience, a positive company culture, and an integrated HRIS and Payroll system. Its commitment to pre-built integrations and recent foray into benefits administration further enhance its appeal.

However, it's essential to approach BambooHR with a clear understanding of its limitations. Its off-the-shelf nature may not cater to businesses with extensive customization needs, and its benefits administration system is still evolving. Additionally, organizations with unique payroll and timekeeping requirements may need to explore alternative solutions.

In conclusion, BambooHR's strengths and competitive pricing model make it a formidable contender in the HRIS market. As businesses seek efficient HR solutions, BambooHR remains a compelling choice, particularly for mid-sized entities looking for an accessible and feature-rich HRIS platform in 2023.

What is BambooHR?

BambooHR is a human resource information system (HRIS) that offers a comprehensive suite of HR functionalities, including performance management, recruiting, onboarding, and now benefits administration.

What makes BambooHR stand out among other HRIS options?

BambooHR is known for its user-friendly interface, competitive pricing model, and exceptional customer support. It integrates seamlessly with third-party HR tools and offers a unified HR and payroll system.

How much does BambooHR cost?

BambooHR offers monthly or quarterly subscription options, with pricing ranging from $10 to $22 per employee per month (PEPM). Additionally, there is a one-time implementation fee, typically 5-10% of the annual software fees.

What are the strengths of BambooHR?

BambooHR's strengths include its intuitive user experience, positive company culture, unified HR and payroll system, and integration capabilities with third-party tools.

What are the areas of consideration when evaluating BambooHR?

Businesses should consider BambooHR's off-the-shelf nature, the relative newness of its benefits administration module, potential limitations in specific sectors like payroll and timekeeping, and challenges with custom integrations.

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