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UKG Pro Reviews - Pricing, Pros/Cons, User Reviews

February 15, 2021
Brett Ungashick

UKG Pro (formerly known as UltiPro) is a household name in the HRIS industry, especially for mid-sized and early-enterprise companies. UKG Pro helped create the HRIS industry and continues to be a leading force today. Learn more about UKG Pro's average customer size, strengths, weaknesses, costs and integration capabilities.



UKG Pro is a full suite HRIS system that can serve as a one-stop-shop for companies, covering everything from payroll, benefits and HR to recruiting, onboarding, performance and learning. UKG Pro is utilized by companies as small as 100 employees and as large as 100,000, but has developed a strong presence in the Mid-Enterprise. UKG Pro is known for it's strengths around HR and Talent Management. While many of their peers developed payroll first and HR after, UKG has made HR their core competency from the get go, providing strengths around recruiting, engagement and employee development. UKG also has a loyal following from many of their customers due to their 'partners for life' philosophy.

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Market Segment

UKG Pro is considered a Mid-Enterprise HRIS, which means the system works best for companies with between 350 and 5,000 employees. Mid-Enterprise solutions are designed to be all-in-one HRIS's for companies with a moderate-to-high degree of complexity. Mid-Enterprise solutions typically take about 4-5 months to implement and only occasionally require external consultants to successfully implement and manage the solutions. Mid-Enterprise solutions have more custom workflow tools and rules engines to support a business's growing complexity.

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UKG Pro charges companies on a per employee per month basis. UKG Pro is a premium priced solution and a typical UKG Pro subscription can cost anywhere from $24-35 PEPM, depending on the size of your company and the modules included in your scope.

In addition to the software fees, UKG will typically charge a one-time implementation fee. UKG's implementation fees are typically about 30-40% of the annual software fees (i.e., $30-40K implementation fee on a $100K annual purchase)

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  • While many of their peers started off as payroll providers, UKG has always been focused on HR workflows and employee development, giving them stronger recruiting, performance and engagement tools than many of their peers
  • UKG Pro strikes a balance between being a highly capable and configurable system, while also still being approachable for mid-market companies that don't have access to IT and consultants
  • UKG Pro delivers a strong user experience for admins and employees and does well with employee self-service
  • UKG has a strong corporate culture which leads to high retention and very experienced customer support teams
  • UKG Pro is a premium priced solution and their offering can be more robust than some of the smaller market segments require.
  • Additionally, some smaller customers have shared that wait times can be longer for their segment
  • UKG Pro has developed through some acquisitions and 3rd party white labeling. The employee and admin experiences generally feel unified, but there are some challenges that come from a multi-database architecture

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Integration Capabilities

UKG has improved their integration capabilities in the past few years and now has open APIs as well as a marketplace of pre-built connectors. Many leading 3rd party solutions are members of the UKG's marketplace. That being said, there are some issues with UKG Pro's older, underlying architecture that can lead to more challenges when building new integrations.

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Global Capabilities

UKG Pro can serve as a global system of record for international companies and their system can be localized to support many languages. The vast majority of UKG's service teams are US-based, however. Additionally, UKG does not own any global payroll solutions and instead partners with leading vendors such as activpayroll.

Modules Offered
  • Payroll
  • Benefits Admin
  • HR / Employee Files
  • Time & Attendance
  • Onboarding
  • Recruiting
  • Performance
  • Compensation
  • Engagement
  • Learning

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