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How Much Does Ceridian Cost?

Updated on
July 4, 2023
Brett Ungashick
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How Much Does Ceridian Cost?

Ceridian charges companies on an quarterly or annual subscription basis. Ceridian Dayforce is often priced towards the higher end of their segment, but isn't the most premium priced choice. Ceridian's software fees can cost between $22-30 PEPM for customers of their platform.

In addition to the software fees, implementing Ceridian will require a one-time implementation fee. Ceridian, or occasionally, their implementation partners, will charge ~40-60% of the annual software fees for their implementation fees (i.e., $40-60K implementation fee on a $100K annual purchase).

Administering Ceridian Dayforce does not require having a dedicated HRIS manager, but it does tend to work better when there are a few HR team members who can contribute to building and maintaining the system.

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What Modules Are Included with Ceridian?
  • Payroll
  • Benefits Admin
  • HR / Employee Files
  • Time & Attendance
  • Onboarding
  • Recruiting / ATS
  • Performance
  • Comp & Succession
  • Engagement
  • Learning

Ceridian offers every module from hire-to-retire and has a very strong focus on Payroll, Time & Attendance and Workforce Management. Companies that have complex hourly workforces find quite a bit of value in these tools.

Who is Ceridian?

Ceridian has long been in the payroll industry as one of the largest payroll bureaus in the country (outside of ADP). However, in 2011, Ceridian acquired an upstart technology company called, Dayforce, and shifted their focus from payroll to HCM more broadly. The CEO of Dayforce became the CEO of Ceridian in this transaction and Ceridian put the full weight of their focus behind the Dayforce product.

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What Sized Companies Fit Ceridian Best?

Ceridian is considered a Mid-Enterprise HRIS, which means the system works best for companies with between 350 and 5,000 employees. Mid-Enterprise solutions are designed to be all-in-one HRIS's for companies with a moderate-to-high degree of complexity.

Mid-Enterprise solutions typically take about 4-5 months to implement and only occasionally require external consultants to successfully implement and manage the solutions. Mid-Enterprise solutions have more custom workflow tools and rules engines to support a business's growing complexity.

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