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Rippling Reviews - Pricing, Pros/Cons, User Reviews

Updated on
July 4, 2023
Brett Ungashick
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Rippling is a new HRIS system that can serve as the primary Core HR system for growing businesses. Rippling's functionality covers onboarding, payroll, HRIS, benefits admin and timekeeping, while they have embedded 3rd party partners to offer ATS and LMS capabilities too. Rippling is primarily an Small-to-Medium-sized Business (SMB) solution where they have become one of the more buzz-worthy solutions in the under 250 employee market. The primary strength for Rippling is their integration capabilities which helps to unify disparate HR systems and the app management needs of IT, resulting in a novel approach to employee onboarding and offboarding.

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Market Segment

Rippling is a Small Business (SMB) HRIS, which means the system works best for companies with less than 300 employees. SMB solutions are designed to cover some, but not all HR needs with some gaps to be filled in by 3rd party solutions. SMB solutions are typically more user-friendly and more modernly designed than other vendors. Additionally, they are typically built with integrations in mind and have open APIs.

Small businesses tend to appreciate SMB solutions, because they typically only take about 6-12 weeks to implement and often do not require a great deal of work from an administrator to get started, due to the fact that most of the system is not configurable.

Small businesses can run into challenges with SMB solutions as they grow, since SMB platforms tend to have limited rules engines and custom workflow tools, which can limit how scalable they can be.

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Rippling charges companies on a monthly subscription basis. Rippling is right in line with most of their peers, offering their solution for $22-30 PEPM, depending on the scope and modules included

In addition to the software fees, implementing Rippling will require a one-time implementation fee. Rippling will charge ~ 5-15% of the annual software fees for their implementation fees (i.e., $5-15K implementation fee on a $100K annual purchase)

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Rippling pros and cons

  • Rippling gets the highest reviews in the HRIS space for their modern user experience which can help to drive employee self-service
  • Rippling's most differentiated offering is their onboarding modules which syncs all of IT and HR tasks seamlessly into one streamlined process and unifies active directory management. This is especially beneficial for white collar workforces that rely on numerous workflow and productivity apps
  • Rippling is one of the best in the business at integrating with 3rd party Human Resources tools too. They have a pre-built integration with hundreds of Human Resources applications including Greenhouse, Lever, Lattice, 15Five and more.
  • Rippling's payroll processing includes tax filing services
  • Rippling is not a full suite HRIS system. They do not have performance or engagement modules and their ATS and LMS are provided by 3rd parties
  • Rippling recently rolled out a time & attendance solution, but it is not yet suited for companies with highly complex time needs
  • Rippling is still a relatively new company and isn't suited for larger companies (above 300 employees) due to the lack of configurability of workflows and the limitations on their time tools
  • Rippling's customer support model is all ticketing based and doesn't have a call center
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Integration Capabilities

Rippling has the most robust partner marketplace in the industry with hundreds of pre-built connections built to leading third party apps Additionally, Rippling has open APIs that can make it easy to build custom integrations with other third party apps. One thing to note is that custom integrations with Rippling are not typically built by their own team

Global Capabilities

Rippling recently launched a full suite of global HR management tools. Rippling can now serve as a global system of record that is capable of understanding the compliance and timekeeping requirements in each country. Additionally, Rippling can operate as a global payroll platform to run payroll and manage direct deposit for international employees.

Features & Capabilities
Payroll Processing

Rippling offers a full suite of payroll services. Administrators in Rippling can run payroll and automatically calculate gross-to-net pay each pay period, based on an employee's health insurance choices, company benefits, attendance tracking and more.

Rippling is a tech-only solution that will not manage payroll in an outsourced manner for companies.

Along with their payroll services, Rippling provides full tax management services for their clients too.

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Employee Data

Rippling helps to manage employee data in a streamlined manner. The platform serves as a single source of truth for all employee data when it comes to employment, pay and performance.

Rippling is a single database solution which allows for employee data to stay clean and updated and this can greatly reduce the amount of time and effort an admin has to put into the system re-entering data into multiple modules

Benefits Administration & Health Insurance

Rippling can serve as an insurance broker helping to gather health insurance quotes from the market. However, they are also agnostic if a company wants to bring their own insurance broker to the platform.

Rippling allows users to enroll in their correct plans during the onboarding process and will guide them to make the best decisions for their needs.

Once an employee has chosen their benefit plans, Rippling uses that employee data to calculate the new employee's payroll.

Global Employee Management platform

Rippling can serve as a one-stop-shop for global companies. Rippling can be a single system of record for international employees and contractors. Rippling's platform can manage payroll across dozens of countries and can even offer a employer of record service for companies that don't have entities set-up yet.

New Hire Onboarding process

During the new hire onboarding process, Rippling can handle the standard gathering of employee data, managing an offer letter and enrolling in health insurance programs.

But Rippling's employee management platform goes a step further by also supporting app management, allowing users to be shipped a work computer that is pre-populated with third party apps.

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