20 Best Saas HR Software with Pricing

Discover top 20 Saas HR Software of 2021 with OutSail: Covering HRIS, Payroll, Performance, from Workday to Paylocity. Tailored for various company sizes and needs, prices averaging $15-22 PEPM.

Brett Ungashick
OutSail HRIS Advisor
July 4, 2023
user comparing HRIS systems

OutSail wanted to provide a quick overview of the best Saas HR Software solutions in the marketplace today. This report covers the main categories of Saas HR software, complete with pricing and details on which solutions work for which types of companies

Finding the right Saas HR software provider can be challenging in our current environment.

There are so many solutions in the Saas HR market. Some software platforms are an all-in-one tools that can meet almost every HR need. While some are more best-in-class tools that can fill a narrow hole. Some are designed for small businesses. Some are designed for large enterprises.

Below you will find a comparison of the best Saas HR software providers and the categories to which they fall into.

Full Suite HRIS + Payroll Management


Average Customer Size: 1,000+ employees

HR Software Modules Offered: Payroll, HRIS, Time & Attendance, Ben Admin, Onboarding, ATS, Performance, Engagement, and Learning

HR SaaS Solution Overview: Workday is a leader in the HRIS space for a reason. They create a robust platform to make power users feel confident, informed, and highly catered to. But Workday is also light enough that any frontline employee can easily navigate it. Workday also spends a huge sum on R&D and is on the leading edge with AI and 3rd party integrations

Price: $42-65 PEPM

Ceridian Dayforce

Average Customer Size: 500-5,000 employees

HR Software Modules Offered: Payroll, HRIS, Time & Attendance, Ben Admin, Onboarding, ATS, Performance, Engagement and Learning

HR SaaS Solution Overview: Dayforce (formerly called Ceridian) offers arguably the most powerful Core HR platform on the market. Their technology has been built on a single database and offers the most real-time employee data and highest accuracy in the space. They also offer a very comprehensive global payroll offering.

Price: $23-31 PEPM


Average Customer Size: 350-5,000 employees

HR Software Modules Offered: Payroll, HRIS, Time & Attendance, Ben Admin, Onboarding, ATS, Performance, Engagement, and Learning

HR SaaS Solution Overview: UKG Pro has a long track record of delivering smart automation to complex, global companies. They offer a robust, highly capable, and reliable HCM platform that can grow with any organization. While some platforms are strong in one area and weak in others, UKG Pro provides a balanced offering with strengths throughout the employee lifecycle

Price: $27-37 PEPM

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UKG Ready

Average Customer Size: 150-1,500 employees

HR Software Modules Offered: Payroll, HRIS, Time & Attendance, Ben Admin, Onboarding, ATS, and Performance

HR SaaS Solution Overview: UKG Ready was developed by Kronos and has traditionally provided industry-leading workforce management software. UKG Ready is their comprehensive HRIS suite built based on that expertise. The UKG Ready platform can be a great value and can be bought through resellers that provide plenty of hands on knowledge during implementation and go-live

Price: $22-29 PEPM

ADP Workforce Now

hr management software, human resources management system

Average Customer Size: 75-1,000 employees

HR Software Modules Offered: Payroll, HRIS, Time & Attendance, Ben Admin, Onboarding, ATS, Performance, and Learning

HR SaaS Overview: ADP rarely needs an introduction. They are the largest payroll provider in the US, with 1 in every 6 Americans being paid by ADP. Their WorkforceNow platform offers buyers every module from hire to retire, and ADP also provides a host of outsourced services for companies that want to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Price: $19-28 PEPM


Average Customer Size: 50-500 employees

HR Software Modules Offered: Payroll Management, HRIS, Time & Attendance, Ben Admin, Onboarding, ATS, Performance, Engagement, and Learning

HR SaaS Solution HR Overview: Paycom is a true single database solution, which isn't always common in the HRIS space. They offer a modern-feeling platform that drives a high degree of employee self-service while still being robust enough to support most HR needs. The platform can be implemented quickly, and they have a strong product roadmap for the future of their platform.

Price: $24-34 PEPM


Average Customer Size: 35-350 employees

HR Software Modules Offered: Payroll Management, HRIS, Time & Attendance, Ben Admin, Onboarding, ATS, Performance, Engagement, and Learning

HR Saas Solution Overview: Paylocity has a large market share in the mid-sized HRIS space thanks to a robust hire-to-retire offering, efficient implementations, and competitive price. The Paylocity team has built out quite a few integrations over the years to accommodate a best-of-breed approach.

Price: $22-32 PEPM

Partial HR Saas Solution


Average Customer Size: 25-500 employees

HR Software Modules Offered: Payroll, HRIS, Time & Attendance, Onboarding, Applicant Tracking System, Performance and Engagement

HR SaaS Solution Overview: BambooHR has been a market leader for the past decade in creating easy-to-use HR tools for small to mid-sized companies that drive employee self-service. The platform can cover a wide breadth of functionality, is offered at a competitive price, is easy to deploy and utilize, and is supported by proactive account support. See a demo of BambooHR

Price: $12-22 PEPM


Average Customer Size: 25-350 employees

HR Software Modules Offered: Payroll, HRIS, Time & Attendance, Employee Benefits Admin, Benefits management, and Onboarding

HR SaaS Solution Overview: GoCo is a lightweight HRIS that allows companies to stick with their existing payroll provider or work with their embedded partner. GoCo provides a modern, easy-to-use HRIS on the front end. Their platform is also great for employee self-service and creating automated syncs between payroll and benefits carriers to make an admin's life easier.

Price: $7-13 PEPM


Average Customer Size: 25-300 employees

HR Software Modules Offered: Payroll, HRIS, Time & Attendance, Employee Benefits Admin, Onboarding, ATS, and Learning

HR SaaS Solution Overview: Rippling offers some of the most advanced technology in the HRIS space by offering a platform that can meet all of HR, and IT's needs at the same time. Rippling can integrate with just about any of your existing HR tools while drastically simplifying your employee's onboarding, managing payroll, and ben admin experience. See a demo of Rippling

Price: $21-29 PEPM

Point Solutions - Performance Management


Average Customer Size: 50-500 employees

Modules Offered: Performance and Engagement

Overview: Lattice is a relatively new company, but it has quickly become a leader in employee performance management, talent management and engagement. They offer an engaging and easy-to-use product at an industry-standard price, and it can integrate with almost any technology you use (Slack, Outlook, HR Teams, HRIS). Beyond helping facilitate continuous performance conversations, Lattice can also help with pulse surveys, employee recognition, and career pathing.

Price: $10-19 PEPM


Average Customer Size: 50-500 employees

Modules Offered: Employee Performance Management and Engagement

Overview: 15Five is used by many leading mid-sized companies because it has a great user interface for admins and end-users that drives a high degree of employee self-service. Their support staff is knowledgeable and always available. 15Five can help companies create a culture of continuous recognition and reviews

Price: $8-14 PEPM


Average Customer Size: 50-1,000 employees

Modules Offered: Performance and Engagement

Overview: Culture Amp is one of the market-leading employee engagement survey tools. They started with the concept of the pulse survey and have continually made their platform more robust, easier to administer, and clearer to report on. For HR department that want to get a better look at their organization and want to share that information in intelligent ways across business units, they are a great platform

Price: $5-12 PEPM

Point Solutions - Recruitment & Applicant Tracking


Average Customer Size: 75-1,000 employees

Modules Offered: ATS

Overview: Greenhouse is a modern leader in the ATS space and has won over a large market share due to the quality of their product. The greenhouse is scalable, great for collaboration, and offers advanced functionality around onboarding and referrals.

Price: $6-9 PEPM


Average Customer Size: 50-500 employees

Modules Offered: ATS

Overview: Lever is an excellent platform for growing mid-sized companies. Lever offers an intuitive design, a straightforward implementation hr processes, and a lot of candidate management efficiency hacks. Their biggest calling card is their candidate CRM, which is great for companies that have attractive brands or are in competitive hiring markets and need to keep candidates warm.

Price: $5-7 PEPM


Average Customer Size: 25-350 employees

Modules Offered: ATS

Overview: JazzHR is a really attractive option for companies buying their first ATS or for HR professionals without a dedicated TA function. They offer straightforward pricing and same-day set-up, in addition to having numerous integration partners and a feature-rich platform.

Price: $2-5 PEPM

Point Solutions - Workforce Management


Average Customer Size: 50-500 employees

Modules Offered: Time & Attendance

Overview: Zira is building the future of time & attendance, and scheduling tools. Their intuitive mobile app is highly resonant with workforces, and their scheduling engine can automate even the most complex set of preferences and rules. In addition to making an easy-to-use tool, Zira prioritizes the employee experience with rewards-based incentives and an employee chat feature.

Price: $3-5 PEPM


Average Customer Size: 50-5,000 employees

Modules Offered: Time & Attendance

Overview: Deputy is a market leader in the workforce management space. Their platform can meet most organizations' needs across scheduling and time tracking, which is why they are utilized by some of the world's largest employers. Additionally, Deputy offers robust two-way integration with leading payroll platforms.

Price: $3-5 PEPM

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