The Top 8 Global Payroll Platforms for 2022

Explore the pinnacle of efficiency with our curated list of the Top 8 Global Payroll Platforms. Streamline your payroll processes effortlessly, ensuring accuracy and compliance on a global scale.

Brett Ungashick
OutSail HRIS Advisor
July 4, 2023
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As companies continue to hire talent wherever they can find it, finding the right global payroll partner can help keep payroll, compliance and hiring processes streamlined.

Most businesses start their global journey with an ad hoc approach that leverages in-country bookkeepers in each new country. However, having different providers in each region can limit the ability to create holistic, consistent, real-time reports.

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As you learn about the global payroll space, you'll see that there are a number of different approaches to the market:

  • Some companies can offer full-suite HRIS's on top of their global payroll capabilities
  • Some focus purely on global payroll and process payroll themselves in-country
  • Some others focus purely on global payroll but take an aggregator approach
  • And finally, others will provide global payroll in addition to other global payment services like global EOR (employer of record).

If you're not sure what type of solution you need, or which vendors to focus on, you can reach out to OutSail. OutSail's free services help companies get matched to the right global payroll platforms.

Below are the leading global payroll platforms in the market today:

1.) Blue Marble

Type of solution: Global Payroll Aggregator

Blue Marble is one of the pioneers of the global payroll space and offers a comprehensive service at a great price. Their technology platform provides a time, leave management, employee file and compliance portal for employees to access, and also allows for a single dashboard for admins to view all global employees. Blue Marble can also provide in-country consulting support too. They do not process US payroll directly but they have pre-built integrations with many market leading HRIS’s who can meet most company’s US needs. Blue Marble was recently acquired by Paylocity, so it's unclear if they will continue to maintain their friendliness towards other HRIS systems

2.) CloudPay

Type of solution: Global Payroll Aggregator / In-Country Provider

CloudPay has been in the global payroll space since 1996 and continues to develop their platform through strategic investments. CloudPay is best suited for enterprise companies and has prioritized integrations with enterprise HRIS systems like Workday, SAP and Oracle. CloudPay offers a technology platform to streamline the entire global payroll process, providing visibility into your global workforce and they can also provide in-country expertise where needed.

3.) Activpayroll

Type of solution: Global Payroll Aggregator / In-Country Provider

Activpayroll is unique in the marketplace for the fact that they do not rely on a 3rd party payroll network, but instead process payroll themselves in all 46 countries they operate in. Activpayroll offers fully outsourced payroll services and can manage all of a company’s compliance needs too. Activpayroll is also a highly consultative company that helps their partners understand and plan for global expansion. Additionally, they leave their US payroll processing operations up to UKG Pro and offer a deep bi-directional integration.

4.) ADP Celergo

Type of solution: HRIS + Global Payroll Aggregator

ADP rarely needs an introduction as the leading payroll provider in the US for decades. ADP has a few different HRIS solutions that they can provide to global companies, including Workforce Now and Vantage. Additionally, ADP acquired Celergo a few years ago, giving them a global payroll platform that is available in over 130 countries. Like most vendors, Celergo uses a payroll aggregator model, and the Celergo system is separate from ADP's HRIS's, which can lead to some additional consolidation work from admins.

5.) Ceridian

Type of solution: HRIS + In-Country Provider / Global Payroll Aggregator

Ceridian offers a scalable, global HRIS system called Dayforce that is used by many enterprise companies. Ceridian can also process payroll natively in over a dozen countries, far more than almost any other HRIS provider. And in the countries where Ceridian doesn't natively process payroll, they leverage global payroll aggregators so that they can span the entire globe. One of the biggest differentiators for Ceridian globally is that their global payroll is processed within Dayforce, ensuring that all global HR and global payroll happens in the same system.

6.) Safeguard Global

Type of solution: Global Payroll Aggregator + EOR

Safeguard Global has been in the industry since 2008, originally as a managed payroll service provider. For companies that want a strong partner in both global payroll and EOR, Safeguard can be a strong fit. They can offer EOR services across the globe through partners. And Safeguard also provides a tech platform for payroll, time and expenses. Safeguard is one of the largest company in the global payroll space and their internal team provides full in-country compliance and tax support

7.) Papaya Global

Type of solution: Global Payroll Aggregator + EOR

Papaya is one of the fastest growing companies in the global employment space. They are the only company that can currently provide full global payroll, EOR and contractor management services. Papaya also differentiates on technology and can provide a broad set of modules in a modern, easy-to-use platform. Papaya uses an aggregator model for their global payroll processing.

8.) Velocity Global

Type of solution: Global Payroll Aggregator + EOR

Velocity Global is one of the market leaders in the global EOR space. Velocity Global’s biggest differentiator is their comprehensive service model which leads to very high client retention rates. VG can also offer a lightweight HRIS platform with a broad scope of modules. Velocity Global has recently entered the global payroll processing space and is on their way to also launching contractor management services.

1. What is a global payroll platform?

A global payroll platform is a software solution designed to streamline and automate payroll processes for companies operating in multiple countries. These platforms typically offer features such as payroll processing, compliance management, tax calculation, and reporting functionalities tailored to meet the requirements of different countries' regulatory frameworks.

2. Why is choosing the right global payroll platform important?

Choosing the right global payroll platform is essential for ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency in managing payroll across multiple countries. A robust platform can help streamline payroll processes, minimize errors, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide insights into global workforce data, ultimately contributing to cost savings and operational efficiency.

3. What are the different types of global payroll platforms available?

There are several types of global payroll platforms available, including:

Global Payroll Aggregators: Platforms that partner with local, in-country payroll providers across different regions to offer a centralized payroll solution.

In-Country Providers: Platforms that process payroll themselves in each country of operation, ensuring compliance with local regulations and tax requirements.

HRIS (Human Resource Information System) with Global Payroll Capabilities: Platforms that offer comprehensive HRIS features along with integrated global payroll functionality.

Global Payroll Aggregator + EOR (Employer of Record): Platforms that not only offer payroll processing but also provide employer of record services for companies operating internationally.

4. What factors should be considered when evaluating global payroll platforms?

When evaluating global payroll platforms, consider the following factors:

Coverage: Ensure the platform supports payroll processing in all the countries where your company operates.

Compliance: Verify that the platform complies with local tax laws, regulations, and reporting requirements in each country.

Integration: Assess the platform's compatibility with existing HRIS systems, accounting software, and other relevant tools used by your organization.

Scalability: Determine whether the platform can scale to accommodate your company's growth and expansion into new markets.

Support: Evaluate the level of customer support, training, and resources provided by the platform vendor to assist with implementation and ongoing use.

5. How can OutSail help in selecting the right global payroll platform?

OutSail offers free services to help companies find the right global payroll platform tailored to their specific needs. By leveraging OutSail's expertise and industry knowledge, companies can access a curated selection of top global payroll platforms, compare features, pricing, and customer reviews, and make informed decisions that align with their business objectives and requirements.

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