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OutSail partners with the leading recruitment technology vendors, staffing firms and consultants, so your company can become a vacuum for top talent

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We all know how impactful the right hire can be, but getting top candidates in the door requires a mixture of both art and science.

OutSail partners with the best people and technology in the talent acquisition space, so you can build a hiring funnel with the perfect blend of automation and the human touch.

Areas of Expertise

Recruitment Marketing
Smart campaigns that help you leave the post-and-pray world behind
Candidate Experience
Deliver a differentiated recruitment experience from awareness to hire
Software Optimization
Intelligently layer your recruitment tools to improve data, efficiency and outcomes
Employer Brand
Understand, emphasize and improve your company's perception
Talent Optimization
Learn from your best employees so you can hire more of them
Rapid Results
Work with partners who can deliver the right candidates on-time
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