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OutSail's free services help cannabis companies identify the right HRIS & Payroll vendors, evaluate them effectively and negotiate the best price

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Don't Get Caught with the Wrong Partner

Only 10% of payroll companies today can fully support the cannabis industry. Some payroll companies say they can support cannabis, only for their clients to get abruptly kicked off the platform later on.

Work with OutSail to vet out the right cannabis-friendly payroll vendors for your business

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Get it Right the First Time

Many cannabis businesses have had to jump from payroll system to payroll system because the solutions they find are either low quality or not fully compliant with cannabis.

OutSail helps cannabis businesses get their HRIS and Payroll decision right on the first try

Get Started

OutSail will provide comprehensive vendor shortlist reports comparing all of the leading cannabis-friendly payroll vendors, including pricing, pros/cons and user reviews.

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OutSail provides full-service support during the evaluation process including: building clients an RFP, providing questions with targeted questions to ask and project plans to keep evaluations on track

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OutSail helps companies select with confidence by providing negotiation assistance to ensure the best price and real references to vet out the experience

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Set-Up For Success

Best Match

OutSail ensures that you partner with the stable, long-term, cannabis-friendly payroll vendors

Best Price

OutSail helps clients negotiate their agreements so they get the best prices on their HRIS software

Ongoing Support

OutSail leverages our partner relationships to ensure speedy resolutions and ongoing success
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Reach out and see how enjoyable the software buying experience can be!

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