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Brett Ungashick
OutSail HRIS Advisor
July 4, 2023
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Founded in 2007, Ascentis has been a niche player in the HRIS space for a number of years, but a recent private equity investment enabled their team to scale up their product, marketing and services. Ascentis now competes with some of the largest names in the HRIS space and provides a differentiated support model, transparent pricing and a very flexible system.

Market Segment

Ascentis is considered an upper Mid-Market HRIS, which means the system works best for companies with between 100 and 750 employees. Mid-Market solutions are designed to be an all-in-one HRIS for companies with a mild degree of complexity in their HR requirements. Mid-Market solutions typically take about 3 months to implement and do not require external consultants to successfully implement and manage the solutions. An upper Mid-Market solution, like Ascentis, can scale and configure to some businesses needs, but also may have limitations for larger, more complex organizations.


Ascentis charges companies on a subscription basis and their price point is often middle-of-the-road compared to the market. Ascentis' solution can cost anywhere from $16-22 PEPM, depending on the scope and modules included.

Ascentis also uses a comprehensive billing model where all charges and fees are tied into a single number, which limits the hidden fees and makes it easier to project costs

In addition to the software fees, implementing Ascentis will require a one-time implementation fee. Ascentis will charge ~ 15-25% of the annual software fees for their implementation fees (i.e., $15-25K implementation fee on a $100K annual purchase)

  • Compared to the large, public companies that they compete with, Ascentis’ smaller, Midwestern roots lead them to prioritize support more than any of their peers
  • 70% of Ascentis' team is on the service side and every customer gets a dedicated executive sponsor
  • Ascentis offers a fully end-to-end product, but also a flexible approach to their product. Every module, including payroll is optional within Ascentis
  • Ascentis offers a very transparent pricing model that includes all annual fees in one predictable number
  • Ascentis acquired NovaTime in 2019, giving them a very capable and robust time & attendance tool
  • Until recently, Ascentis was viewed as a legacy platform and didn't offer the most user friendly experience for admins and end-users. However, Ascentis did rollout a refreshed interface in 2020 which has received positive reviews
  • Ascentis has grown through a combination of internal development and external acquisitions / partnerships which can lead to a less unified product architecture
  • Ascentis was bought by a private equity company a few years ago which has led to more investment in the product and service, but can also lead to future ownership changes
Integration Capabilities

Ascentis is in the process of modernizing their integration capabilities. Like most providers, they can set-up standard integrations with accounting systems and benefit carriers. And while they have some API capabilities, their ability to build integrations with 3rd party HR tools is still developing and they do not have a robust partner marketplace today

Global Capabilities

While Ascentis can serve as a global system-of-record enabling international employees to onboard, complete performance reviews and manage leave, the Ascentis team has primarily focused on serving domestic clients. Additionally, global payroll requires a 3rd party

Modules Offered
  • Payroll
  • Benefits Admin
  • HR / Employee Files
  • Time & Attendance
  • Onboarding
  • Recruiting
  • Learning
  • Performance
  • Engagement

1. What is Ascentis, and what is its market segment?

Ascentis is a niche player in the HRIS space, founded in 2007. It is considered an upper Mid-Market HRIS, catering to companies with 100 to 750 employees.

2. What are the costs associated with Ascentis?

Ascentis operates on a subscription basis, with prices ranging from $16 to $22 per employee per month (PEPM). Additionally, there is a one-time implementation fee, typically ranging from 15% to 25% of the annual software fees.

3. What are the strengths of Ascentis?

Ascentis prioritizes support, with 70% of its team dedicated to service, providing every customer with a dedicated executive sponsor. It offers a fully end-to-end product with optional modules and transparent pricing. The acquisition of NovaTime in 2019 enhances its time & attendance capabilities.

4. What are the weaknesses of Ascentis?

Historically viewed as a legacy platform, Ascentis has improved its user interface but may still face usability challenges. Growth through acquisitions and partnerships can lead to a less unified product architecture. Additionally, ownership changes due to private equity investment may occur.

5. What are Ascentis's integration capabilities and global reach?

Ascentis is modernizing its integration capabilities but primarily offers standard integrations with accounting systems and benefit carriers. While it serves as a global system-of-record, its focus has been on domestic clients, and global payroll requires a third-party solution.

6. What modules does Ascentis offer?

Ascentis provides modules for payroll, benefits administration, HR/employee files, time & attendance, onboarding, recruiting, learning, performance, and engagement.

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