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Brett Ungashick
OutSail HRIS Advisor
July 4, 2023
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Due to COVID, remote work and the adoption of virtual meeting software, organizations are increasingly open to the idea of hiring talent across geographic borders.

As companies become more globally dispersed, organizations need a suite of HR tech tools that can provide a great experience for employees wherever they are located.

It can be a major turn-off for new employees if all of their systems are US-centric and don't cater to their languages, customs or ways of doing business.

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Below is an overview of the best global HR systems for a variety of HR needs.

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Global HRIS Systems

These types of systems are designed to serve as a global HRIS system with full functionality available to employees all across the globe. These systems offer language localization and global support offices. These systems do not process global payroll, aside from in a 2-3 countries. They do, however, partner with a number of global payroll partners to provide that service.


Overview: Workday is a leader in the HRIS space for a reason. They create a platform that is robust enough to make power users feel confident, informed and highly catered to. But Workday is also light enough that any frontline employee can navigate it with ease. Workday’s weakest features is their ATS and recruiting module, but the real drawback is simply the price, which includes not just software fees, but also a lot of ongoing consulting / headcount costs to maintain such a robust system.

Average Customer Size: 1,500+ employees

Typical Price Point: $50-90 PEPM


Overview: Ceridian Dayforce is a full suite HRIS system that can serve as a one-stop-shop for companies, covering everything from payroll, benefits and HR to recruiting, onboarding, performance and learning. Ceridian Dayforce is utilized by companies as small as 100 employees and as large as 100,000, but has developed a strong presence in the Mid-Enterprise. Ceridian is known for it's strengths around Payroll and Workforce Management. Ceridian has long been a top competitor to ADP in the payroll space, and in 2012, they acquired Dayforce, a leading Workforce Management platform. Since then, Dayforce has become their flagship offering and is a great solution for companies with complex payroll, time & attendance, scheduling and tax needs.

Average Customer Size: 400-5,000 employees

Typical Price Point: $20-29 PEPM


Overview: SagePeople is a scalable HRIS solution designed to be payroll-agnostic and best suited for global organizations. SagePeople is built on the Salesforce platform which makes it a very scalable, secure platform with high quality reporting. They do not offer a payroll module, but are experiencing at integrating with a variety of leading payroll providers in the US and abroad. SagePeople can be a great fit for companies that need a single source of truth for a complex global workforce

Average Customer Size: 150-2,500 employees

Typical Price Point: $14-20 PEPM


Overview: Hibob is a great solution for companies that want performance, engagement and culture to be at the center of their organization. While many vendors add those tools later in their lifecycle, those features were foundational to Hibob from the get-go. The emphasis on employee engagement leads to high usage from employees and better reporting for companies. Additionally, Hibob is a global company and their solution is a strong fit for multi-national companies.

Average Customer Size: 50-500 employees

Typical Price Point: $7-13 PEPM

Global Recruiting Systems

These systems are designed to support global recruitment teams by leveraging a variety of different job boards, by offering access to diverse candidate pools in many countries, by providing local support across the globe and by understanding the different nuances required to effectively recruit in various regions.


Overview: What good is an applicant tracking system, if there aren’t any applicants? Workable not only pushes your jobs out to hundreds of job boards in a click, they take sourcing a step further by allowing organizations to become proactive. With Workable you can leverage their searchable people database, their LinkedIn Recruiter integration and their candidate-job description matching to increase your candidate pool with relevant candidates.

Average Customer Size: 75-1,000 employees

Typical Price Point: $7-10 PEPM

Smart Recruiters

Overview: SmartRecruiters is a modern leader in the enterprise talent acquisition space. They started in 2010 and have quickly added leading brands like LinkedIn, IKEA and Visa. The platform is very tech-forward and enhances collaboration amongst recruiters and hiring managers, while delivering a strong candidate experience. SmartRecruiters has a well developed partner network, including bi-directional syncs with most leading HRIS’s. As a younger company, SmartRecruiters’ platform still shows some growing pains and smaller customers may not get the best support experience, but their combination of scalability and ease-of-use is second to none

Average Customer Size: 75-1,000 employees

Typical Price Point: $8-12 PEPM

Global Employment & Payroll Systems

As hybrid and remote work becomes more popular, businesses are more open to the idea of hiring talent wherever they can find it. However, hiring global talent has always been a risky proposition due to the time consuming payroll and compliance concerns with setting up entities abroad. Global Employer of Record (EOR) services have recently come to market to solve this exact problem, allowing companies to hire global talent and employ that talent compliantly, without having to become an expert on local regulations. Oftentimes these solutions will also be capable of providing global payroll services, if you have established entities too:

Velocity Global

Overview: Velocity Global is one of the market leaders in the global EOR space. Velocity Global’s biggest differentiator is their comprehensive service model which leads to very high client retention rates. VG can also offer a lightweight HRIS platform with a broad scope of modules. Velocity Global has recently entered the global payroll processing space and is on their way to also launching contractor management services.

Type of Solution: Global Payroll + EOR

Papaya Global

Overview: Papaya is one of the fastest growing companies in the global employment space. They are the only company that can currently provide full global payroll, EOR and contractor management services. Papaya also differentiates on technology and can provide a broad set of modules in a modern, easy-to-use platform. Papaya uses an aggregator model for their global payroll processing.

Type of Solution: Global Payroll + EOR


Overview: Deel is a great choice for companies that need the flexibility of being able to hire both full-time employees, as well as contractors. Their contract management tools are best-in-class and make it very easy for employers to create locally compliant contracts. Deel is also more cost-effective than many of their peers and provides a dedicated support model. Deel recently rolled out a global payroll solution too.

Type of Solution: Global Payroll + EOR

What are the key considerations when selecting HR tech for a global company?

It's essential to prioritize systems offering language localization, global support, and compatibility with diverse business customs. Tools like Workday, Ceridian, SagePeople, and HiBob cater to global needs, ensuring a seamless experience for employees worldwide.

How do global HRIS systems like Workday and Ceridian address the challenges of managing a dispersed workforce?

Global HRIS systems provide robust functionalities while ensuring ease of use for all employees, regardless of their location. Platforms like Workday and Ceridian offer features like language localization and scalable solutions suitable for companies of varying sizes, enhancing organizational efficiency across borders.

What features differentiate HR tech platforms like HiBob in the global market?

Solutions like HiBob prioritize performance, engagement, and culture at the core of their platform, making them ideal for multinational companies seeking to foster employee engagement and improve organizational reporting. HiBob's emphasis on global compatibility ensures its suitability for diverse workforces.

How do global recruiting systems like Workable and SmartRecruiters support talent acquisition across borders?

Workable and SmartRecruiters streamline global recruitment efforts by offering access to diverse candidate pools, leveraging job board integrations, and enhancing collaboration among recruiters and hiring managers. These platforms facilitate proactive sourcing and deliver a strong candidate experience, supporting global talent acquisition strategies.

What are the benefits of leveraging global employment and payroll systems like Velocity Global, Papaya Global, and Deel for a global workforce?

Global employment and payroll systems like Velocity Global, Papaya Global, and Deel offer comprehensive solutions for managing global talent, including compliance, payroll processing, and contractor management. These platforms simplify the complexities of hiring and employing talent across borders, ensuring compliance and efficiency in global HR operations.

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