Top 5 HRIS Systems for Companies Seeking Comprehensive Recruitment & ATS Capabilities

In today’s HR landscape, integrated HRIS systems with ATS functionalities are crucial for efficient hiring and onboarding. This article highlights five top HRIS vendors that excel in recruitment and ATS solutions, providing comprehensive features to help businesses attract and retain top talent. See full pricing & pros / cons in the OutSail HRIS Marketplace

Brett Ungashick
OutSail HRIS Advisor
May 20, 2024
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In the dynamic world of human resources, HRIS systems have become pivotal for managing a workforce efficiently. As businesses grow and their hiring needs evolve, the demand for HRIS platforms with robust recruitment and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) functionalities has surged. These integrated HR systems are not just about tracking applicants; they are instrumental in streamlining the entire hiring process—from posting job openings to onboarding new hires. Incorporating ATS within HRIS platforms ensures companies can attract the right talent, maintain efficient workflows, and enhance their overall recruitment strategy.

Given the competitive nature of the talent market, a comprehensive HRIS with effective ATS capabilities is a crucial asset for any organization. Companies now prioritize HRIS solutions with intuitive interfaces, scalable features, and seamless integration to manage talent acquisition effectively. This focus on advanced recruitment tools has led to the emergence of vendors offering high-quality, integrated solutions tailored to diverse business needs.

Identifying the top HRIS providers that deliver outstanding recruitment and ATS offerings can be complex. This article introduces five exceptional vendors excelling in this domain, offering comprehensive recruitment and ATS solutions suitable for a range of business needs.


Workable is positioned at the forefront of HR technology, delivering robust talent acquisition software with a powerful Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It offers a range of functionalities designed to streamline the recruitment process for businesses of all sizes.

Overview and Costs

Workable provides an all-encompassing recruitment solution, emphasizing its proficiency in managing and optimizing the hiring workflow. From job posting to candidate sourcing and tracking, Workable addresses various recruitment challenges. Pricing models are tailored to fit different business needs, with costs varying according to the level of service and the number of hiring solutions required.

Typical pricing for a system like Workable can run anywhere from $10-18 PEPM (per employee per month)

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Key Features

  • Sourcing Tools: Workable offers extensive sourcing capabilities with access to over 200 job boards. Its AI integrations enhance candidate searches, ensuring a more efficient talent acquisition process.
  • Global Reach: The platform operates on a global scale, allowing companies to attract and hire candidates from anywhere.
  • ATS and Onboarding: Workable's ATS and onboarding module are seamlessly integrated, facilitating a smooth transition from candidate acceptance to employee assimilation.

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While Workable excels in many areas, companies seeking advanced CRM functionalities may find its tools less comprehensive. Additionally, customization options could be limited for businesses with highly specific recruitment workflows or those requiring a custom-tailored approach.


isolved is a notable player in the HRIS market, highly regarded for its recruitment and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) capabilities, particularly when paired with third-party solutions. Its comprehensive suite of tools is designed to cater to the demands of modern HR management, with a clear focus on integration and employee engagement.

Overview and Costs

In the competitive landscape of HRIS systems, isolved provides a robust platform that integrates seamlessly with third-party ATS solutions, enhancing its utility for the recruitment process. The cost of implementing isolved within an organization varies, typically falling within a mid-range bracket that reflects its comprehensive feature set and integrative potential without imposing the premium pricing associated with top-tier systems.

Typical pricing for a system like isolved can run anywhere from $16-23 PEPM (per employee per month)

Key Features

isolved distinguishes itself through a dedicated support structure aimed at ensuring a smooth user experience. It offers a full range of services including COBRA and FSA administration, which underscore its convenience for both HR departments and employees. Key attractions of the system are its native integrations that enable a streamlined workflow and employee-centric features that facilitate self-service and improve overall engagement.


While isolved brings many strengths to the table, companies should be aware of its slower innovation cycles which may impact the platform's ability to keep pace with rapidly-evolving HR tech trends. Moreover, some users might find the user interface lacking in contemporary design elements, potentially affecting the platform's intuitiveness and user adoption rates.

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Paycor is highly regarded for its robust recruitment solutions and effective applicant tracking system (ATS). With a focus on innovation and user experience, Paycor offers comprehensive tools for efficient talent acquisition and management.

Overview and Costs

Paycor positions itself as a versatile human resources platform, providing strong talent management tools, with a particular emphasis on ATS and performance management functionalities. Costs associated with Paycor's offerings are based on a transparent user-based monthly pricing structure, designed to cater to businesses of various sizes and requirements.

Typical pricing for a system like Paycor can run anywhere from $21-27 PEPM (per employee per month)

Key Features

Among the standout features of Paycor's ATS are its AI-driven smart sourcing and customizable workflows which streamline the recruitment process. These features help businesses tap into a larger pool of candidates and enhance the efficiency of their hiring sequences.


Some limitations noted by users include challenges related to integration with external systems and occasional inconsistencies in service. Companies should evaluate their existing software ecosystem to ensure compatibility with Paycor's solutions.


UKG Pro, a comprehensive HRIS system, excels in talent acquisition software, assisting companies in managing their workforce efficiently. This section will explore the features and costs of UKG Pro, providing businesses with a clear understanding of its capabilities in the realm of recruitment and Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Overview and Costs

UKG Pro has carved a significant presence in the HRIS marketplace, continuously evolving through regular updates and feature enhancements. Its cost structure is highly dependent on the size and specific needs of the organization, with scalable pricing to match a broad range of business requirements.

Typical pricing for a system like UKG Pro can run anywhere from $28-38 PEPM (per employee per month)

Key Features

Within the talent management spectrum, UKG Pro offers a powerful suite of tools for onboarding, payroll, talent management, analytics, and more. Its ATS functionalities are robust and user-friendly. The software has recently expanded its global payroll services, underpinned by strategic acquisitions aimed at bolstering its international capabilities.


Potential adopters should be aware of certain challenges. UKG Pro, built upon an older architecture, might present integration complexities. Moreover, the aftermath of recent corporate restructuring could temporarily impact the otherwise reliable customer service UKG Pro users have come to expect.


Darwinbox stands out in the HR technology landscape as a potent solution for businesses looking to harness a comprehensive HRIS system, especially in terms of recruitment and applicant tracking capabilities.

Overview and Costs

Darwinbox represents the forefront of HR technology, offering an innovative HRIS solution designed to meet modern HR requirements. While specific pricing details are tailored according to the business size and needs, companies can expect a cost range that competes with other top-tier HRIS services, reflecting its comprehensive features.

Typical pricing for a system like Darwinbox can run anywhere from $15-25 PEPM (per employee per month)

Key Features

The platform distinguishes itself with a mobile-first approach, ensuring accessibility and functionality across devices—an essential feature in today's mobile-dominant world. Its AI capabilities are robust, providing advanced analytics and intelligent automation to streamline HR processes. Darwinbox's custom integration capabilities also underscore its flexibility, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise technology stacks.


While Darwinbox is a powerful tool, companies should consider its primary market focus in Asia which may influence system nuances and support structures. However, as the platform expands into new regions, it's rapidly adapting to meet diverse global market needs. This ongoing expansion can be a consideration for companies outside Asia looking to implement Darwinbox in their HR operations.


Choosing the right HRIS system is a strategic decision that impacts a company's operational efficiency and talent acquisition success. Integrated ATS functionalities are essential for modern systems, providing streamlined candidate tracking and improved recruitment workflows.

Companies should assess these systems carefully, considering the unique demands of their recruitment process and organizational structure. The importance of a user-friendly interface can't be overstated, as it directly affects adoption rates and usage effectiveness across HR teams.

Talent acquisition software, included within HRIS, varies widely in features and scalability. When selecting an HRIS platform, businesses must consider not just current needs but also future growth.

Ultimately, choosing an HRIS solution should empower companies with robust recruitment capabilities, ensuring they efficiently attract and retain the best talent.

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