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OutSail's Partnership with Deel

Updated on
July 4, 2023
Brett Ungashick
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Companies are seeking out talent wherever they can find it. But traditionally, small-to-mid-sized companies have struggled to find a simple solution for compliantly hiring and managing their global workforce.

There have historically been two options for hiring abroad, either (a) hiring contractors, which can be a compliance grey area, or (b) setting up a foreign entity, which can be costly and full of bureaucratic red tape

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Deel helps businesses take on both of these challenges with incredible technology at the right price.

Deel offers unparalleled contract management tools that make it easy for employers to create locally compliant contracts for any country in seconds. Along with administering contracts through Deel, the platform also manages the entire contractor payment process with just a few clicks.

Contractors aren't the only ones Deel takes care of. Especially since some team members prefer to be full-time employees and certain countries require full-time employment.

That's where Deel's Employer of Record services come in. Deel and their partners own legal entities in over 150 countries, which allows any business to hire full-time global talent on their behalf.

At it's best, HR software helps businesses be more compliant and effective, while making it easier for top talent to join and thrive. Deel hits all of those notes, which is why OutSail is proud to add them as a partner.