HiBob's Strategic Move: Acquiring Pento Bolsters Advanced Payroll Solutions

The integration of Pento's automated payroll solutions into HiBob's comprehensive, global HRIS platform reflects a new chapter on HiBob's journey to becoming an all-in-one solution for modern, global businesses

Brett Ungashick
OutSail HRIS Advisor
March 25, 2024
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In a strategic drive to enhance its human resources information system (HRIS), HiBob has announced the acquisition of Pento, a UK-based payroll platform known for its innovative, cloud-based payroll automation technology. HiBob, already a significant player in human capital management with its Bob platform, is taking a definitive leap towards integrating payroll capabilities, reinforcing their market position. This acquisition follows HiBob's earlier milestone in launching the Payroll Hub in 2021 and fortifies its commitment to evolving its service offerings.

Integrating Pento's real-time payment automation into HiBob’s suite signifies an essential evolution in HR tech. This acquisition promises to streamline payroll processes and potentially impacts the broader market as organizations continually seek consolidated HR solutions. HiBob, evaluated at over $2.7 billion, is slated to expand its reach and efficiency in the payroll sector, providing comprehensive solutions to its clientele across the United Kingdom.

Key Takeaways

  • HiBob acquires Pento, integrating cutting-edge payroll automation into its HR platform.
  • The acquisition highlights HiBob's strategic growth in the HR tech market.
  • Enhanced payroll capabilities signal a broader industry shift towards integrated HRIS solutions.

Announcement Highlights

The strategic procurement by HiBob of the UK-based payroll platform Pento marks a significant enhancement of their HR capabilities aimed at real-time payment automation.

Details of the Acquisition

HiBob has officially communicated its decision to acquire Pento, with intentions to amplify its 'all-in-one' global HCM stature. The precise terms of the acquisition are contingent upon standard closing conditions. The approach is poised to integrate Pento into the Bob platform, which is anticipated to evolve HiBob's Payroll Hub developed in 2021.

HiBob and Pento Background

HiBob has emerged as a leader in the HRIS sector through Bob, their market-leading HR platform, which has garnered a commendable presence in the UK. Pento distinguishes itself with its innovative, cloud-based payroll automation technology, enhancing the payment process for organizations by transitioning from traditional timeframes to a matter of minutes. Each entity brings unique capabilities to the united forefront, indicating a move towards a more cohesive and automated HR solution.

Strategic Implications for HiBob

The acquisition of Pento by HiBob is a precise strategic move aimed at enhancing its Human Resources (HR) technology suite with an advanced payroll solution. This endeavor is expected to not only fill existing service gaps but also reinforce HiBob's posture in the competitive HR tech landscape.

Filling a Gap in HiBob’s Offerings

HiBob has cemented a reputation for delivering robust HR management tools. However, the integration of Pento's cloud-based payroll automation platform ensures the addition of a native payroll offering that previously eluded HiBob's suite. By integrating Pento, HiBob directly addresses the need for HR Technology Mergers that are seamless and comprehensive in scope. The acquisition strategically extends HiBob's functionality, offering current and prospective customers end-to-end HR management capabilities.

Potential Impact on HiBob’s Market Position

The strategic incorporation of Pento is anticipated to substantially bolster HiBob's market position. Integrated payroll services, which are particularly sought after in the UK, are now robustly supported under the HiBob umbrella, potentially increasing the company's competitiveness in these regions. With the enhanced ability to provide full-service HR solutions, HiBob is positioned to appeal to a broader client base, advocating for a significant influence on market share within the HR Tech industry.

The Significance of Integrated Payroll for HRIS Platforms

The integration of payroll into HRIS platforms is a strategic enhancement that caters to the evolving market demands for unified business solutions and offers substantial operational benefits.

Market Demand for All-in-One Solutions

Businesses today seek HRIS platforms that can serve as comprehensive hubs for all HR activities, including payroll automation. The desire for all-in-one solutions stems from the need to reduce complexity and streamline HR management. A native payroll offering within an HRIS platform answers this demand, providing a seamless experience for both HR professionals and employees.

Benefits of a Native Payroll Offering

A native payroll offering is more than just a feature—it is a pivotal component in HRIS platforms that streamlines payroll processes and significantly improves data accuracy. With payroll as an integral part of the HRIS ecosystem, there is no need for duplicate data entry across systems. This integration allows for real-time updates and ensures that employee information is consistent and accurate across HR functions.

Future Prospects: HiBob’s Payroll Expansion

The acquisition of Pento by HiBob signifies a potent enhancement of its payroll capabilities, initially focusing on the UK market with a vision for comprehensive global outreach.

Initial Focus on the UK Market

HiBob's initial deployment of Pento's technology will cater to the complexities of the UK payroll system, providing an innovative, automated solution tailored to local businesses. This strategic integration will streamline payroll processes and offer a modernized, user-friendly experience for UK clients.

Long-term Strategic Goals

In the long term, HiBob foresees leveraging Pento’s advanced payroll automation platform to expand beyond the UK. The goal is to integrate with HiBob’s global HRIS platform, thus extending state-of-the-art payroll services to a broader international market, enhancing its comprehensive human capital management offerings globally.

Industry Perspective: The Trend Towards Consolidation

In the dynamic realm of HR technology, the strategic acquisition of Pento by HiBob is a reflective example of the sector's drive towards consolidation, aiming to create comprehensive platforms that cater to diverse human resource management needs.

Broader Industry Trends

Global HR Management is witnessing an era of combination, where businesses are not only seeking to streamline operations but also to offer integrated solutions that cover the entire employee lifecycle. This trend is highlighted by the HR platform HiBob's acquisition of Pento, a move described as a "significant payroll services expansion". The deal brings together HiBob's robust HR management system with Pento's automated payroll expertise to provide a unified, cloud-based platform capable of more efficiently managing complex HR tasks.

Competitive Landscape

The competitive landscape in HR tech is rapidly evolving, with HR Technology Mergers playing a pivotal role. HiBob's move to integrate Pento's payroll automation into its existing offerings is strategic, positioning the company to offer enhanced value in human capital management. By evolving their offerings, tech companies like HiBob can look to scale not only in terms of service breadth but also in market reach. The acquisition could potentially elevate HiBob's competitive edge, reshaping the playing field for industry players as they adapt to a market that favors comprehensive, end-to-end HR technology solutions.

Op-Ed Assessment

The strategic acquisition of Pento by HiBob signifies a deliberate step towards innovating and solidifying their hold in the HR technology space.

OutSail’s Perspective on the Acquisition

OutSail, a consultancy known for its expertise in helping companies select HR technology, has posited that HiBob's acquisition of Pento strategically positions the company to offer a more holistic and integrated HRIS platform. They emphasize that integrating Pento's payroll automation capabilities with HiBob's existing suite of human resources tools enhances the entire value proposition of HiBob’s services.

OutSail suggests that Pento's innovative approach to payroll processes, which significantly reduces processing times, is a substantial driver for optimizing HR workflows. This move may empower HiBob to provide their clients with a more comprehensive and seamless experience, from recruitment to retirement. Furthermore, given Pento's successful track record within the UK market, the acquisition likely extends HiBob's geographical footprint alongside strengthening its product capabilities.


The acquisition of Pento by HiBob is a testament to the company's commitment to advancing its payroll capabilities within the HRIS arena. The integration of Pento's automated payroll solutions into HiBob's comprehensive HR platform reflects the strategic vision of enhancing service delivery and influencing the evolution of the HR technology market.

We encourage those intrigued by the progression of HR technology and the collaborative strength of these entities to examine them closer. OutSail offers more insights and a broad spectrum of HR technology services. As HiBob and Pento embark on this innovative journey together, stakeholders and industry observers alike can anticipate witnessing a significant shift in the provision of modern, streamlined, and efficient HR services

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