Deel HRIS: Revolutionizing Global HR Management

Discover how Deel HRIS transforms global HR management, ensures compliance, and streamlines international workforce management. Take a closer look at its features and benefits!

Brett Ungashick
OutSail HRIS Advisor
January 2, 2024
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Deel HRIS is a game-changing solution for global HR management that enables businesses to effectively handle their international workforces. Its advanced features and global compliance and payroll management capabilities make it stand out from the rest. In this article, we'll explore Deel HRIS's functionalities, benefits, and real user experiences to showcase its significant impact on managing a global workforce.

Capabilities and Features of Deel HRIS

Global Compliance and Payroll Management

Deel HRIS has emerged as a game-changer in the global HR landscape, primarily due to its remarkable capabilities in ensuring compliance and managing payroll globally. With the increasing complexity of international regulations, staying compliant has become a daunting task for many businesses. However, Deel simplifies this challenge by offering a comprehensive global compliance framework.

The platform provides compliance solutions tailored to the specific requirements of over 90 countries. This means that regardless of where your employees are based, Deel ensures that your HR processes align with local labor laws and regulations. Say goodbye to the headaches of deciphering intricate international tax codes or grappling with complex employment contracts; Deel HRIS has you covered.

Moreover, Deel's payroll management functionality is an absolute lifesaver for businesses with a global workforce. Operating in over half of the world's countries, Deel seamlessly handles payroll processing, saving businesses time and resources. The platform's user-friendly interface streamlines payroll management, simplifying everything from calculating deductions to disbursing payments accurately and on time.

Additional Global Services

What sets Deel apart from its competitors is its commitment to offering a holistic solution for international HR management. Beyond compliance and payroll, Deel extends its services to include global background checks, immigration support, global perks, and global equity management. This comprehensive approach ensures that businesses have all the tools they need to navigate the complexities of managing an international workforce successfully.

Deel collaborates seriously and partners with over 150 accounting and legal firms globally. This partnership ensures that you have access to in-country advisory services, guaranteeing you receive expert guidance whenever you need it.

HRIS and Recent Enhancements

Deel recently introduced a lightweight HRIS (Human Resource Information System) that supports onboarding, organizational charts, and workflows. This HRIS was further enhanced with a benefits administration module and the inclusion of US payroll and US PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services.

While Deel's HRIS may not be as robust as some more established HRIS systems, it provides essential functions that cater to the needs of businesses, particularly those with international teams. This addition adds value by streamlining HR processes, simplifying onboarding, and providing a clear organizational structure through org charts.

Deel HRIS's capabilities encompass global compliance and payroll management and a suite of additional services, all designed to make managing international teams more efficient and less challenging.

Benefits for International Teams

Deel HRIS isn't just about functionalities; it's about the tangible benefits it brings to international teams.

Seamless Onboarding and Workflow

One of the standout advantages of Deel HRIS is its ability to streamline the onboarding process. For international teams, navigating the complexities of onboarding, especially in different countries, can be a logistical nightmare. Deel simplifies this by providing a user-friendly platform that guides employees through the onboarding process step by step.

Efficient Compliance Management

Ensuring compliance with local labor laws and regulations is crucial when managing international teams. Deel's global compliance features take the guesswork out of compliance management, reducing the risk of costly legal issues. This peace of mind is invaluable for businesses with an international presence.

Accurate Payroll Processing

When dealing with international payroll, accuracy is non-negotiable. Deel HRIS eliminates the possibility of errors in payroll processing, ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time, regardless of their location.

Enhanced Organizational Efficiency

Including org charts and workflow management in Deel's HRIS simplifies organizational structure and employee management. Businesses can make data-driven decisions, track employee progress, and manage their international teams more effectively.

In essence, Deel HRIS is tailor-made to meet the unique needs of international teams, making it an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to thrive in the global market.

User Experiences and Testimonials

The real litmus test for any HRIS system is its performance in the real world. Let's take a moment to hear from some of the businesses that have adopted Deel HRIS and its impact on their global HR management.

User Testimonial 1: Strada

"Strada has achieved effortless US Payroll management with Deel HRIS. Before Deel, we struggled with complex tax regulations and deductions. Deel's user-friendly interface and automation reduced errors and ensured timely payments. Real-time insights empowered data-driven decisions, greatly improving overall HR efficiency."

User Testimonial 2: BCG

"BCG successfully centralized payroll across six nations with Deel HRIS. The transition simplified processes, improved accuracy, and enhanced the employee experience. Deel's user-friendly interface and automation streamlined the transition, making our HR team more efficient. Centralized payroll ensured compliance with local regulations."

User Testimonial 3: Project44

"Project44 realizes annual savings of approximately $500,000 with Deel HRIS, streamlining HR operations and ensuring compliance. Deel's efficiency and automation significantly cut costs. Shield coverage provides peace of mind for our global workforce. The strategic decision to transition to Deel has paid off handsomely."

Deel HRIS has a positive impact on businesses of all sizes. Testimonials show that Deel's comprehensive approach to global HR management benefits HR professionals and business owners.


Deel HRIS is a powerful tool for businesses with international teams, offering seamless onboarding, efficient compliance management, and accurate payroll processing. Its global compliance and payroll management capabilities, along with a suite of additional services, make it a true revolution in the dynamic world of global HR management.

Moreover, Deel's commitment to providing access to local knowledge through its partnerships ensures businesses have the support they need to thrive in the global market. While its HRIS may not be the most robust, it caters to the essential needs of businesses managing international teams.

In summary, Deel HRIS is a game-changer in the global HR landscape, offering a comprehensive solution for managing international workforces. With its advanced functionalities in global compliance, payroll management, and a suite of additional services, Deel HR

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