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Brett Ungashick
OutSail HRIS Advisor
July 4, 2023
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TriNet is one of the largest PEO providers in the industry and provides a homegrown end-to-end technology solution. TriNet is segmented by industries, so support and knowledge can be tailored to their customers. Additionally, due to their scale, they can provide clients with some of the best benefit programs and benefit rates in the market.

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Market Segment

TriNet falls under the PEO umbrella. which means the system works best for companies with between 5 and 85 employees. PEOs are designed for small businesses as a way to bundle their HR, compliance, payroll and benefits needs into one comprehensive solution. PEOs charge high administrative fees to businesses for the suite of services they provide, but those costs can often be offset by better benefit rates and reduced back-office headcount. Additionally, a PEO can be quite restrictive for businesses that want to design their own employee experience and policies, so many companies tend to outgrow PEOs when they have 50-100 employees.


TriNet charges companies on a monthly or quarterly subscription basis. Depending on your modules, outsourced services and the size of your company, TriNet's admin fees can cost between $100 and 140 PEPM.

These fees cover the software, the outsourcing and give companies access to more competitive benefit plans and benefit rates.

  • TriNet offers an end-to-end technology platform that includes learning, training, performance and recruiting. TriNet also acquired Zenefits recently to continue improving their HRIS offerings.
  • Due to the sheer size of their customer base, TriNet can offer some of the best benefit rates to their clients
  • TriNet uses an industry-focused approach in their customer support, as well as provides a local contact in every market they operate in
  • They have a robust technology start-up division that works with scaling tech companies
  • TriNet can be a great resource for companies trying to manage multi-state compliance in a remote-first world
  • PEO’s can always be pricey, but even compared to TriNet competitors, TriNet is usually one of the most expensive PEOs on the market
  • TriNet’s technology lags behind modern software providers with regards to its ease of use and intuitiveness, but the hope is that Zenefits can improve this gap.
  • Currently some of TriNet’s technology is built in-house, while other parts provided by 3rd parties which can lead to a non-uniform user experience
  • TriNet ratings for customer support are not known to be the most responsive and customers often get bounced around to different contacts.
Integration Capabilities

TriNet can integrate with most leading accounting systems and benefit carriers. However, they do not prioritize integrations with 3rd party systems and have not invested significantly in open APIs

Global Capabilities

Domestic PEOs do not support global workforces.

Modules Offered
  • HRIS /Employee Files
  • Payroll
  • Benefits Admin
  • Time & Attendance
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Learning Management
1. What is TriNet?

TriNet is a leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that offers comprehensive HR solutions tailored primarily to small businesses. It provides end-to-end technology solutions covering HR, compliance, payroll, and benefits, catering to companies typically ranging from 5 to 85 employees.

2. How does TriNet pricing work?

TriNet charges monthly or quarterly subscription fees, with administrative costs ranging from $100 to $140 per employee per month (PEPM). These fees cover access to the software, outsourcing services, and competitive benefit plans and rates.

3. What are the strengths of TriNet?

TriNet offers a comprehensive technology platform covering various HR functions such as learning, training, performance, and recruiting. It can provide competitive benefit rates due to its large customer base and offers industry-focused customer support with local contacts in every market served.

4. What are the weaknesses of TriNet?

TriNet's pricing tends to be higher compared to competitors in the PEO market. Its technology may lack modern ease of use and intuitiveness, although recent acquisitions aim to address this. Customer support responsiveness can also be inconsistent.

5. What integration capabilities does TriNet offer?

TriNet can integrate with leading accounting systems and benefit carriers, but it does not prioritize integrations with third-party systems. The platform's investment in open APIs may be limited.

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Brett Ungashick
OutSail HRIS Advisor
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