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Paycor: OutSail’s 2023 HRIS Review

Updated on
December 1, 2023
Maria Santos
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HRIS is essential for managing a dynamic workforce in today's business landscape. These systems are the backbone of HR operations, helping organizations streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance employee experiences. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the world of HRIS and focus on Paycor, a versatile HRIS solution tailored for mid-sized businesses.

An Overview of Paycor

Evolution in the HRIS Industry

Paycor's journey in the HRIS industry has been nothing short of remarkable. It made a significant transition in 2021 by going public, signifying its growth from a regional payroll solution provider to a formidable national HRIS player. Today, Paycor is recognized for its cost-effective solutions, making it a preferred choice for various industries, including the nonprofit sector.

Cost Structure

One of Paycor's standout features is its affordability. It offers a subscription-based pricing model, ranging from approximately $19 to $24 per monthly employee (PEPM). Additionally, organizations should be prepared for a one-time implementation fee, which typically falls in the range of 10-20% of the annual software fees. This competitive pricing makes Paycor an attractive option for mid-sized businesses with budget constraints.

Growth by Acquisition

Paycor's growth strategy involves strategic acquisitions of cutting-edge solutions. This approach has transformed Paycor into a holistic HR platform, offering various functionalities beyond payroll. Notable acquisitions include Newton (Applicant Tracking System) and 7Geese (performance and engagement solutions). Let's explore the strengths of Paycor in more detail.

The Strengths of Paycor

Exceptional Talent Management Tools

Paycor's strength lies in its talent management tools, which have been significantly enhanced through strategic acquisitions. Two of its standout acquisitions, Newton (ATS) and 7Geese (performance and engagement solutions), have positioned Paycor as a leader in this space.

Advanced ATS

Paycor's ATS is not your run-of-the-mill recruitment tool. It offers advanced features such as AI sourcing, dedicated recruiting dashboards, and customizable workflows. These features empower HR teams to streamline their recruitment processes, saving time and effort while ensuring the best talent is brought on board.

Performance Management Capabilities

Effective performance management is critical for any organization's success. Paycor's performance tools are robust, offering features like goal tracking, pulse surveys, career planning, and more. These tools enable organizations to set and monitor employee performance, fostering continuous improvement and higher engagement levels.

Focused Scheduling and Timekeeping

Paycor has made significant investments in developing scheduling and timekeeping functionality. This makes it an excellent choice for industries with hourly workforces, such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, restaurants, and nonprofits. The scheduling tools optimize workforce utilization and help manage labor costs efficiently.

Promotion of Third-Party Implementation

Paycor offers flexibility in its implementation process. It incentivizes clients to hire third-party implementation firms by waiving or significantly discounting implementation fees. This flexibility allows organizations to leverage specialized expertise, ensuring a smoother implementation process.

Areas of Consideration with Paycor

Database Fragmentation

One challenge with Paycor is the presence of multiple databases within the system, which can impact real-time data reporting. While Paycor offers comprehensive HR functionalities, data fragmentation can lead to delays in generating up-to-the-minute insights and analytics.

Variable Support Quality

As with many large HRIS vendors, the quality of support Paycor provides can vary. Some users may experience inconsistencies in support experiences, and smaller customers might not have access to dedicated implementation project managers. This can potentially impact the onboarding and ongoing support process.

User Experience Discrepancies

While Paycor's mobile user interface is user-friendly and praised for its simplicity, the desktop experience could benefit from a more modern update. The desktop interface, while functional, may not offer the same visual appeal as some other HRIS platforms. Businesses looking for a contemporary design may find this aspect lacking.

Global Scalability

Paycor primarily focuses on serving domestic clients and may not be ideal for global companies or those with significant international operations. The lack of notable integrations with global payroll solutions and US-based support teams may limit its suitability for organizations with complex global HR and payroll processing requirements.

Customer Demographics

Paycor's typical customer falls within the 50-350 employee range. While it excels in catering to this demographic, scalability may concern larger companies or those with complex reporting structures. Assessing Paycor's suitability for long-term needs is essential for businesses with diverse HR requirements.

Deciding if Paycor is Right for Your Business

As we wrap up this comprehensive review of Paycor, it's crucial to consider whether this HRIS solution aligns with your business's specific needs and priorities. Here are some key factors to weigh when deciding if Paycor is the right fit for your organization:

Comprehensive HR Needs

Paycor emerges as a compelling choice for businesses seeking a one-stop platform that adeptly manages the entire employee lifecycle. From recruitment to performance management and beyond, Paycor's diverse functionalities can provide a comprehensive solution for your HR requirements.

Talent Management Priorities

For organizations primarily focusing on recruitment and performance management, Paycor's robust Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and performance tools can be invaluable assets. These components, enhanced through strategic acquisitions, offer advanced features and capabilities that streamline talent acquisition and performance assessment.

Database Integration

Seamless integration and real-time data access are often top priorities for businesses. It's important to note that Paycor's fragmented database structure can present challenges. If your organization heavily relies on instantaneous data reporting and analytics, you may need to carefully evaluate whether Paycor's data architecture aligns with your requirements.

Service Expectations

Balancing the need for expert service support with potential scalability and real-time data issues is essential. While Paycor offers robust HRIS solutions, service quality can vary, and smaller clients may experience limitations in implementation support. Consider your organization's service expectations and how they align with Paycor's offerings.


In conclusion, Paycor emerges as a comprehensive HRIS tool with unique strengths and challenges. Tailored primarily for mid-sized businesses, Paycor offers a versatile suite of HR functionalities covering the entire HR operations spectrum. Its exceptional talent management tools, including advanced ATS and performance management capabilities, set it apart in the market.

However, it's essential to approach Paycor with a nuanced understanding of its limitations. The presence of multiple databases within the system can affect real-time data accessibility, potentially impacting critical decision-making processes. Inconsistent service quality and limited support for smaller clients are also factors to consider.

Paycor can be a game-changer in the HR realm for the right business. It excels in handling various HR functions but may require third-party assistance in certain areas. Before embracing Paycor as your HRIS solution, carefully assess your organization's needs, priorities, and long-term goals. By doing so, you can make an informed decision that maximizes the potential of Paycor's strengths while effectively navigating its unique challenges.