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OutSail's Partnership with Zira

February 15, 2021
Brett Ungashick

OutSail is thrilled to announce that Zira, one of the most innovative products to hit the workforce management industry, is now a referral partner.

In the HR software marketplace, all buyers are seeking the rare combination of: consumer-grade ease-of-use and enterprise-level automations.

Some platforms are able to be sleek and simple, but are too lean under the hood to provide the time savings that businesses need. Other platforms are very robust and configurable, but aren't very fun to work in and suffer from low adoption.

Enter: Zira

Zira is a workforce management platform that was founded in 2017 by ex-Uber designers. That Uber experience taught the Zira team how to build simple, easy-to-use mobile apps that could be accessed by millions of users a day.

And while Zira has maintained that Uber legacy of intuitive, mobile-first technology, they have built something even more impressive on the back end.

Scheduling and Time & Attendance are two of the biggest pain points in the HR software ecosystem: creating schedules can be burdensome, employees can get around time collection rules and enabling shift swapping or finding replacements can be a headache.

Zira solves for all of this in their AI-powered workforce management platform. Their scheduling algorithm pulls all availability, employee preferences and company rules together before spitting out an ideal weekly schedule. Their workflow automations can trigger automatic actions if a clock-in is missed or an employee no-shows. And, perhaps, their biggest innovation is shifting the employee experience from being 'avoid punishment' to gamification and incentives.

OutSail is proud to bring innovative solutions to our clients and Zira is an up-and-coming star that will be a disruptive force in this industry for years to come.

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Brett Ungashick
Brett is the founder of OutSail. He spent the early part of his career selling HR software before switching sides and going to work for the people buying the software.

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