Leadership Transition at Lattice: Jack Altman Steps Down, Sarah Franklin Steps Up

Lattice - a leading, modern talent management solution - is experiencing a shakeup in leadership as Sam Altman steps down from his role as CEO and Sarah Franklin takes the reins as Lattice's new CEO. Learn how this will impact Lattice & how they're platform compares to peers today.

Brett Ungashick
OutSail HRIS Advisor
March 19, 2024
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Jack Altman has decided to step down from his pivotal role as CEO of Lattice, a leading company in performance management and employee engagement. Having co-founded the company and guided it to its current industry prominence, Altman leaves a legacy of innovation in human resources technology. During his tenure, he oversaw the company's evolution and the development of its products and services, reshaping conventional HR practices.

With Altman transitioning to the role of Executive Chairman, the company embraces a new chapter under the leadership of Sarah Franklin. Franklin, who brings a wealth of experience from her time at Salesforce, is set to become the new CEO, as announced by Lattice. This leadership change arrives anticipating enhanced strategic growth and continued commitment to redefining employee engagement within HR tech industries.

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Key Takeaways

  • Jack Altman transitions from CEO to Executive Chairman at Lattice after eight years.
  • Sarah Franklin takes over as CEO, signaling a fresh direction for the company.
  • The leadership shift reflects Lattice's focus on growth and innovation in HR tech.

Jack Altman’s Departure

In a significant shift at the helm of Lattice, Jack Altman transitions from his role as CEO, making way for a new chapter in leadership.

Announcement Details

On December 14, 2023, Jack Altman publicized his decision to step down as CEO of Lattice, a company he co-founded. The announcement in Business Insider outlined his move to assume the position of Executive Chairman. This strategic leadership change takes effect as Lattice prepares to strengthen its market position and evolve its HR software offerings.

Altman’s Contributions

Under Altman’s lexicon, Lattice flourished, fostering a robust company culture and driving innovation in the HR tech space. He shepherded the company through pivotal moments, including significant funding rounds and product launches that reinforced Lattice’s footprint in performance management. Altman's vision propelled the company's growth trajectory, cementing its status within the industry and characterizing his tenure as transformative.

"The Next Chapter" According to Altman

In a significant leadership change at Lattice, Jack Altman detailed his transition from CEO to Executive Chairman and the appointment of Sarah Franklin as the new CEO.

Altman's Own Words:

Jack Altman expressed deep pride in a company blog post as he announced his new role as Executive Chairman. He highlighted this change as a crucial step in Lattice’s evolution, ensuring that great trust and careful planning preceded the decision. Jack Altman directly communicated his feelings of exhilaration about Sarah Franklin joining as CEO, signifying his confidence in her leadership capabilities to guide Lattice forward.

Vision for Lattice’s Future:

In Altman’s vision, Lattice is poised for continued growth and innovation under Franklin's direction. He meticulously chose his words to reflect the optimism and strategic intentions behind the CEO transition, conveying a seamless shift aimed at bolstering Lattice's market position. His expectations for Lattice’s future include carrying on the trajectory of expanding the company’s reach and enhancing its product offerings, underpinned by the foundation of a strong leadership structure.

Sarah Franklin’s New Leadership Role

In a significant change at the helm of Lattice, Sarah Franklin has been appointed as the company's CEO. With her extensive background and strategic vision, Franklin is poised to steer Lattice into its next phase of growth and innovation.

Background on Sarah Franklin

Before joining Lattice, Sarah Franklin made a substantial impact as the President and Chief Marketing Officer at Salesforce. Her tenure there was marked by the successful implementation of various initiatives that expanded Salesforce's market reach and solidified its status as a leader in customer relationship management. Her leadership was integral to the development of new product lines and the execution of strategic marketing campaigns that resonated with a wide audience.

Expectations and Strategy

As the new CEO of Lattice, expectations are high for Sarah Franklin to leverage her previous successes and apply her keen sense of strategy to propel the company forward. Her goal is to foster a culture of continuous employee engagement and success, building on Lattice’s existing strengths while introducing innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of the HR software market. There is an anticipation that her strategic vision will include a focus on expanding the company's product offerings, enhancing user experience, and driving overall business growth. Franklin's ascent to leadership signals a new chapter for Lattice, as she brings fresh perspectives and a proven track record.

Implications for Lattice’s Business

With the leadership transition at Lattice, stakeholders anticipate strategic shifts and stability in product innovation and company culture under Sarah Franklin's direction. Insights from OutSail suggest potential market implications.

Potential Changes and Continuities

The appointment of Sarah Franklin, with her extensive experience at Salesforce, may lead to new strategic approaches in product development at Lattice. The company might leverage her background to advance its HR platforms with a heightened focus on holistic employee engagement solutions. At the same time, continuity is expected in Lattice's mission to empower HR professionals, maintaining its foundational values while integrating enhanced features that reflect the evolving landscape of HR tech.

OutSail’s Perspective

OutSail acknowledges the leadership change as a significant event for Lattice, often pointing to a pivotal moment in a company's trajectory. They project that Lattice's standing in the HR tech market could be reinforced by introducing innovations that match today's remote and hybrid work environments. Moreover, OutSail envisions Lattice solidifying its offerings for a comprehensive performance management suite, potentially increasing its appeal to companies seeking modernized HR tech solutions.


The shift in leadership at Lattice marks a pivotal moment, with Jack Altman's transition to Executive Chairman and Sarah Franklin's introduction as CEO. This move is more than a change in personnel; it reflects a strategic evolution within the company and has broader implications for the HR tech industry.

Sarah Franklin's entrance heralds a new era at Lattice, potentially leveraging her experience to enhance employee engagement solutions. Such transitions can indicate company focus and service shifts that may affect customers.

OutSail could offer valuable insights for those interested in exploring HR tech trends and their implications. Share your thoughts on the leadership change and its potential impact on Lattice's offerings and trajectory.

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