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iSolved Reviews - Pricing, Pros/Cons, User Reviews

Updated on
July 4, 2023
Brett Ungashick
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iSolved started off as a benefits provider and they still provide COBRA administration and leave management. However, they've spent the last five years aggressively developing an HRIS and Payroll solution that is centered around the employee experience. Their system can serve the entire employee life cycle and they're continuing to reinvest in the platform with new functionality and a more modern user interface

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Market Segment

iSolved is considered a Mid-Market HRIS, which means the system works best for companies with between 50 and 350 employees. Mid-Market solutions are designed to be an all-in-one HRIS for companies with a mild degree of complexity in their HR requirements. Mid-Market solutions typically take between 2 and 3 months to implement and do not require external consultants to successfully implement and manage the solutions. A Mid-Market solution, like iSolved, can scale and configure to some businesses needs, but also may have limitations for larger, more complex organizations.

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iSolved charges companies on a quarterly or annual subscription basis. Depending on the modules included and the size of your company, iSolved's software fees can cost between $14 and 21 PEPM.

Additionally, iSolved does charge a nominal implementation fee to clients to get started. This fee is typically ~10-25% of the annual software fees.

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  • iSolved started off as a benefits provider and provides quite a few services around COBRA, FMLA and other insurance management
  • iSolved started as a core HR provider (payroll, benefits, etc.) but has recently invested a lot in their talent management platform (learning, performance, engagement)
  • iSolved offers a white labeled version of ApplicantPro, which allows them to offer a strong native ATS
  • iSolved has invested heavily in their user experience, building a system that is centered around employee engagement and community
  • iSolved’s modules have been both built internally and acquired from other companies, so the continuity of the platform is not always seamless
  • iSolved is undergoing significant transitions with a new leadership team, new branding and a new product focus
  • iSolved went through a series of layoffs during COVID and the customer support team size has been reduced which has led to slower response times
  • iSolved is still limited in some areas, such as compensation management tools

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Integration Capabilities

iSolved is in the process of modernizing their integration capabilities. Like most providers, they can set-up standard integrations with accounting systems and benefit carriers. And while they have some API capabilities, their ability to build integrations with 3rd party HR tools is still developing

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Global Capabilities

While iSolved can serve as a global system-of-record enabling some international employees to onboard, complete performance reviews and manage leave, the iSolved team has primarily focused on serving domestic clients. Additionally, global payroll requires a 3rd party

Modules Offered
  • Payroll
  • HRIS /Employee Files
  • Benefits Admin
  • Time & Attendance
  • ATS
  • Onboarding
  • Performance
  • Learning