BambooHR Unveils New Features and Revamps Pricing Structure

Read OutSail's review on BambooHR's latest updates to their HRIS platform. BambooHR launched fresh features and a revamped pricing structure designed to cater to the evolving demands of modern businesses. See how Bamboo compares to their peers on OutSail's HRIS Marketplace

Brett Ungashick
OutSail HRIS Advisor
March 19, 2024
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BambooHR, a pioneer in cloud-based HR software solutions, has announced a significant update to its platform, bringing forth fresh features and a revamped pricing structure designed to cater to the evolving demands of modern businesses. As companies navigate the complexities of workforce management and employee engagement, these enhancements offer a timely and strategic evolution of BambooHR's service offerings. The updates aim to bolster user experience and provide more tailored options to support the varied HR needs across different industries.

The announcement is set to make a notable impact on the HR technology sector, signifying BambooHR's commitment to innovation and customer-centric development. By integrating new functionalities and the revisited pricing model, BambooHR is positioning itself to help businesses of all sizes optimize their HR processes. Organizations stand to benefit from a greater degree of flexibility and control in managing their human resources with tools that are both powerful and easy to use.

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Key Takeaways

  • BambooHR introduces enhanced features and new pricing options.
  • The updates highlight BambooHR's responsiveness to HR industry requirements.
  • Users are poised to gain from increased customization and efficiency.

Bamboohr's Latest Feature Rollouts

In a significant move, BambooHR has introduced new features to enhance employee experiences and streamline human resource processes. These rollouts underscore BambooHR's commitment to innovation and user-centric design, providing tools that prioritize employee well-being and articulate the full value of employment packages.

Employee Well-Being Module

A core addition is the Employee Well-Being Module, a system boding from the strategic acquisition of Honey. This module is designed to support and measure the overall well-being of employees across an organization. With its integrated suite, BambooHR customers can now access detailed employee satisfaction and engagement analytics, enabling HR managers to craft more effective wellness programs.

Total Rewards Module

Parallel to this, the Total Rewards Module represents another substantial development born from their acquisition of Welcome. This component gives employees a comprehensive view of their total compensation, including salary, benefits, and more, all within BambooHR's streamlined interface. It has been conceived to assist companies in enhancing their employee value proposition by transparently showcasing the full spectrum of employee rewards.

BambooHR's evolution through these modules reflects an adept grasp of the HR landscape, where employee well-being and clear benefits communication are paramount.

Understanding the New Pricing Packages

BambooHR has updated its pricing model to better cater to the diverse needs of its customers with two main packages: Core and Pro. Each package is designed to offer a different level of functionality and flexibility, with the option to add-on solutions for Payroll, Benefits, and Time Tracking.

Overview of Core and Pro Packages

Core Package: Designed for smaller companies or those with basic HR needs, the Core Package includes essential HR functions such as employee records, time-off management, and basic reporting capabilities. Businesses can benefit from streamlined HR processes at a more affordable entry point.

  • Price: Starting at $6.19 per employee per month
  • Features: Employee Self-Service, Basic Reporting, Time-off Management

Pro Package: This package is intended for more mature businesses that require a comprehensive HR solution. It encompasses all the features of the Core Package and introduces advanced facilities like onboarding tools, customized workflows, and detailed reporting.

  • Price: Begins at $8.25 per employee per month
  • Features: Includes all Core features plus Onboarding, Advanced Reporting, Custom Workflows, Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Add-On Solutions

Payroll Integration: An available add-on that offers seamless integration for payroll processing, simplifying how businesses manage compensation. It features automated payroll updates and ensures accurate tax filing and compliance.

  • Price: $75 per month for 10 employees, then $4.25 for each additional employee

Benefits Administration: For those requiring employee benefits management, this add-on provides a system to handle benefit offerings efficiently, giving employees access to their benefits information within the same platform.

Time Tracking: Businesses can opt for this solution to enable precise tracking of employee hours, overtime, and time off, which integrates effortlessly into the payroll system.

By choosing among these additional features, companies can tailor their HR suite according to specific requirements, ensuring that basic HR functionalities and more sophisticated services are available within their selected package.

Strategic Implications for BambooHR and Its Users

BambooHR's latest updates represent a major shift for the company and its clientele. They enhance its feature offerings and revise its pricing strategy.

Enhanced Feature Set

BambooHR's newly unveiled features are poised to elevate its standing in the HR Tech News circuit, distinguishing it from other HR software solutions on the market. Among the updates is an AI-powered reporting feature, which offers deeper insights into employee feedback, aiding leaders in comprehending workplace satisfaction levels. This addition is intended to support more nuanced talent management and employee engagement strategies.

Pricing Structure Changes

In response to the competitive landscape, BambooHR's adjustment of its pricing structure could impact the dynamics of customer engagements. While the exact details are confidential, changes in pricing, such as the introduction of a $150 per month payroll service for up to a certain number of employees, reflect a strategic move designed to attract small to medium-sized businesses seeking comprehensive yet cost-effective HR solutions. This restructuring may also play a crucial role in customer retention, balancing the value offered against the overall cost to the subscriber.

Expert Opinion and Potential Trends

As BambooHR rolls out new features and revises its pricing structure, experts offer insights on the software's competitive stance and the broader implications for HR technology trends.

Comparative Analysis with Competitors

BambooHR's latest enhancements position it strongly against competitors in the HR tech space. It offers over 100 exportable payroll reports, aiding businesses in strategic decision-making. This depth of payroll analytics is significant when contrasted with competitors, many of whom offer fewer reporting options. However, BambooHR's revised pricing at $150 per month for payroll may present a higher entry point compared to some cost-effective alternatives, potentially affecting its appeal to small businesses.

The platform's emphasis on employee engagement and turnover reduction stands out. With added AI capabilities to analyze employee satisfaction through an eNPS feature, BambooHR provides actionable insights that are not commonly found in a single HR suite. This integration of AI enriches the user experience and supports leadership in better understanding workforce dynamics.

Predictions for HR Tech Evolution

The evolution of HR tech may increasingly orbit around employee well-being and holistic compensation structures, influenced partly by BambooHR's innovations. With the platform's new AI-powered reporting, there is a clear trend towards harnessing technology to capture and interpret complex aspects of employee feedback, moving beyond simple metrics towards deeper behavioral insights.

Expectations are that HR solutions will continue to integrate advanced analytics and AI tools to facilitate comprehensive employee experiences. Furthermore, BambooHR's current trajectory suggests a potential market shift towards all-in-one platforms that manage the full employee lifecycle, from recruitment to offboarding, with a strong focus on fostering positive workplace environments.


In this examination of BambooHR's latest improvements and restructured pricing, we presented a comprehensive overview of the feature enhancements and new costs. BambooHR's modifications reflect a commitment to innovation and client needs, exemplified by the over 100 built-in, exportable payroll reports and user-friendly interfaces.

If these updates have captured your interest, do consider how they might integrate into your current HR operations. With BambooHR advancing, it's an apt time to reassess your HR solutions.

Keep an eye on OutSail for the latest insights and developments within the HR technology sector. Their expertise can guide you through these evolving landscapes.

Feel free to share your thoughts on these changes or ask questions about how BambooHR's new features and pricing might impact your organization.

For personalized advice on adapting to these fresh developments, don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation through OutSail’s extensive consultation services. They are equipped to ensure your HR software aligns with your business objectives.

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