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"OutSail offers an innovative and fair approach to the HCM selection process as a trusted advisor. UKG is a people-centric organization at our core, so we value our partnership with OutSail because their go-to-market strategy is unwaveringly centered around what’s best for the customer"

Mike Sorvillo
Director of Strategic Alliances @ UKG

"With OutSail’s deep industry knowledge and guidance, Ceridian feels confident that companies truly understand us. Our teams love working with OutSail, as their process is one of the fairest and most transparent in the market. We trust Outsail and highly recommend them for all of your HCM evaluations and assessments."

Aaron Dick
Director, Channel Success @ Ceridian

"Referrals from OutSail are always highly qualified and have led to great discussions with new customers.  In our experience, recommendations have been made only when OutSail has deemed Lattice would be a strong fit for the client's needs.  Our team loves working with businesses that have partnered with OutSail."

Joe Hickey
Partnerships @ Lattice

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The Broker Advantage

You want to sell your product to customers who will be great long-term partners, but your perfect customers are harder to reach now that the software market is getting more crowded and complex.

OutSail works with your team to understand your ideal customer profile and unique market advantages.

We, then, start matching you with ready-to-buy businesses and you don't owe us a cent unless we help you close new business.

Buying processes are often 50% faster with OutSail. We help buyers streamline the requirements building, vendor matching and selection process. Our buyers never review more than three platforms at a time.

Walking through options

OutSail teaches companies how to buy software. By providing questions to ask, mistakes to avoid and trade-offs to consider, OutSail ensures that companies make purchases for the right reasons

OutSail will share key insights and intake notes with your sales team to make the process more transparent. Should an opportunity not result in a win, we will also provide post-mortems to build on.

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