Deciding between a PEO vs In-House HR? 

Use OutSail's PEO Audit tools to quickly identify the optimal HR infrastructure for your organization
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See the full PEO vs In-House financial picture in one view

OutSail's PEO Audit services help you compare the totals costs and benefits of the outsourced PEO model with the in-house HR model to see which option better suits your business goals

Complementary Guidance

An OutSail advisor is available - at no cost - to answer questions and refine your analysis throughout your entire review process

Multiple Scenarios

Plug in different HRIS & PEO vendors, different benefits plans, & different staffing plans to easily compare multiple scenarios for how to run your business's back office

Re-Create the PEO In-House

If you decide to transition from PEO to an in-house model, we ensure that every service is accounted for and retained when migrating

Vendor Agnostic

OutSail works with every PEO & HRIS vendor, every broker and every HR consultant. Our goal is simply to find the right blend of services & tools for your team