Transformation and Savings through HRIS Overhaul

Enabling a large manufacturer to transition to a cost-effective, streamlined, and integrated HRIS system.
savings over 3 years
best-fit vendors identified
reduction in paper processes
reduction in data entry

The Challenge

For Dorel, a large manufacturing company with operations in the US and Canada, their existing HRIS platform was a pain point. Designed for a smaller scale, the system couldn't cope with Dorel's size and operational scope. It was a multi-database platform, leading to isolated data that needed constant re-entry. Even routine processes like vacation requests were still paper-based. To compound matters, customer service was severely lacking, leaving Dorel's single-person HRIS team floundering.

OutSail's Solution

OutSail took on the challenge of structuring a thorough and efficient selection process for Dorel. An initial analysis identified platforms that were better suited to Dorel's size and could natively process payroll in the US and Canada. Importantly, these platforms were built on a single database product architecture, a crucial factor to eliminate data silos and promote operational efficiency.

But OutSail's support went beyond just identifying potential solutions. We helped Dorel through contract negotiations, leveraging our market expertise and familiarity with standard rates. The result was an agreement that saved Dorel a staggering 40% below market rates, translating to nearly a million dollars saved over three years.

Summing Up

Through strategic guidance, OutSail enabled Dorel to transition from a limiting and inefficient HRIS system to a comprehensive, efficient platform. In the process, Dorel not only overcame operational challenges but also made substantial cost savings.

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