Harmonizing Global HR Operations at Cambly

Streamlining and unifying global HR operations for a rapidly scaling multinational.
reduction in data fragmentation
vendors compared via RFP
savings on annual fees
expandsion of vendor list

The Challenge

Managing HR operations across multiple countries is no small task. For Cambly, a global company with operations spanning 40 countries, the challenge was daunting. Without a centralized HR system, each region relied on its local payroll system, creating fragmentation and inhibiting a cohesive view of people data. The HR team, consisting of just one person, was overwhelmed with the different nuances required from country to country. The situation was crying out for a solution that would not only unify their data but also support each region's specific requirements.

OutSail's Solution

OutSail stepped in to transform Cambly's HR operations, acting as an advisor and guide. We embarked on an in-depth analysis of the HR software market, uncovering potential vendor options that aligned with Cambly's specific needs. Crucially, this included solutions that Cambly had not previously considered, broadening their scope and improving the chances of finding a perfect fit. With the expanded shortlist of vendors in hand, OutSail then developed a comprehensive RFP document. This pivotal tool enabled Cambly to compare each vendor's capabilities effectively, turning a complex evaluation process into an apples-to-apples comparison.

OutSail didn't stop there. We provided essential support as Cambly navigated through product demos, aiding the HR team in assessing the software's practical functionality and fit with their requirements. And when it came to contract negotiations, OutSail's expertise in the sector ensured that Cambly secured the best possible deal, making the most of their investment.

Summing Up

From identifying potential vendors to contract negotiation, OutSail's involvement resulted in a thorough, comprehensive selection process that placed Cambly's unique needs at its heart. Cambly successfully implemented a centralized HR system that could support each region's specific demands, creating a single source of truth for their people data and a holistic view of their HR operations.

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