Empowering Growth with Enhanced Recruitment

Transforming the recruitment process for a global education organization amid rapid scaling.
more hiring manager self-service
reduction in evaluation time
great vendors uncovered
headcount growth in 2 years

The Challenge

Avenues: The World School was on a growth mission, set to double their workforce from 800 to 1600. But to achieve this, they needed an overhaul of their recruitment process. They required a more structured interview process, increased hiring manager involvement, a system with global capabilities, and a stellar candidate experience to maximize candidate volume. Avenues had started their software evaluation process but wanted OutSail's help to standardize the process.

OutSail's Solution

OutSail quickly conducted a market analysis for Avenues and discovered two new vendors that hadn't been on Avenues' radar. These vendors were added to the evaluation process, and one of them ended up being selected as the winner. Furthermore, OutSail offered evaluation tools and project management support to streamline Avenues' selection process and standardize the comparisons across each vendor.

Summing Up

With OutSail's assistance, Avenues was able to discover a vendor that perfectly aligned with their needs and implement an effective and efficient recruitment system. This improved recruitment platform bolstered Avenues' expansion goals while ensuring a positive candidate experience

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