Avoiding Disruptions and Enhancing HR Efficiency

Assisting Sacramento Children's Home in optimizing their existing HRIS and avoiding disruptive migrations.
system disruptions
reduction in OE errors
more utilization in existing platform
savings from not switching systems

The Challenge

Sacramento Children's Home had a difficult experience with their HRIS vendor during Open Enrollment. They wanted to avoid a repeat, but they also didn't want to change HRIS providers. They were aware of the challenges of an HRIS migration and feared it would be too disruptive for their business. They needed a solution that could improve their HRIS experience without requiring a total system overhaul.

OutSail's Solution

OutSail stepped in with two separate solutions: a point solution for benefits administrations that could replace the HRIS vendor's functionality and an HR consulting firm who could manage future open enrollments within their existing system. After reviewing both options, Sacramento Children's Home chose the HR consulting option. This meant they didn't have to endure any system disruptions while still achieving their goal of smoother open enrollments.

Summing Up

Thanks to OutSail, Sacramento Children's Home managed to improve their Open Enrollment experience and optimize their existing HRIS platform without resorting to a disruptive migration. This allowed them to focus on their core mission rather than getting entangled in HRIS complexities.

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