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OutSail's integrated partners can help you implement, optimize and manage your HRIS platform

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OutSail's integrated consulting partners are ready to help!

Not Enough Hands?

Implementation is the most critical point of an HRIS transition.

Ensure it's done well by leveraging an expert.

Or, if you're already live, see about optimizing your current set-up

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HRIS Experts at a fraction of the cost of an FTE
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Implementation, ongoing optimization or outsourcing services available

Harmonious Operations

A new HRIS is only as good as how it is set-up.

Leveraging an implementation partner can vastly improve implementation success rates while drastically reducing your time spent building the system.

Work in your new HRIS, not against it.

Get Started

Get matched to a consultant who specializes in your industry and your new HRIS. Let them handle the data migration, process configuration and system buildout!

Already implemented an HRIS and don't want to change again? OutSail's integrated partners can help you optimize the current system to better suit your requirements

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OutSail's partners can serve as a fully outsourced HRIS manager for your team: running payroll, open enrollment and managing compliance.

Let Your HRIS Work For You

The Right Start

A successful implementation will lead to a smoother rollout, and less time waiting on customer support in the future.

Ongoing Enhancements

Trusted partners that know your business and can make improvements to your processes as you go

An Extra Hand

Leverage outsourced services in a pinch, or ongoing, to get the benefits of another team member, at a fraction of the cost
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Talk to our team about your goals!

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