Audit & Optimize Your HR Tech Stack

Work with an OutSail advisor to audit your entire HR software ecosystem and identify opportunities to save money and become more efficient

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Bring harmony to your HR tech stack

Audit, Benchmark, Optimize, Prioritize

Unsure where you need help? An OutSail advisor can review your entire HR tech stack and identify opportunities to save money and become more efficient

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Reduce duplicative spending and identify low-hanging fruit
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Receive a prioritized roadmap to guide your year-over-year planning

Harmonious Operations

The biggest challenge businesses face with their HR systems is a lack of seamless data & workflow integrations.

Whether you want to go all-in with one vendor, or utilize a best-in-class approach, OutSail will ensure your systems are in sync

Get Started

OutSail works with businesses to understand their entire HR tech stack, their manual bottlenecks and the instances where data isn't populating in real-time

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OutSail will identify opportunities to reduce duplicative spend, increase your admin efficiency and automate low-hanging fruit and pesky manual tasks

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OutSail will help build a year-over-year HR software roadmap that will allow your team to make steady improvements at the right intervals

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With the Future In-Mind

The Right Partner

OutSail helps you select the right vendor to meet today's functional requirements and tomorrow's future state goals

A Seamless Fit

OutSail ensures that the technologies you evaluate will layer in with your other tools to create a harmonious HR software infrastructure

An Expedited Process

OutSail shortens buying cycles by as much as 70%, so you can spend less time on demos and more time moving your business forward
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Talk to our team about your goals!

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