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Work with an expert - at no cost - to guide you through your HRIS & Payroll selections, benefits broker evaluations and compliance considerations

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Don't try to exit a PEO on your own

Exit a PEO with Ease

Many companies stay with their PEO provider for longer than they need to, due to an inability to exit properly.

An OutSail advisor will provide step-by-step guidance for selecting your new HRIS, identifying the right benefits solutions and checking all of your compliance boxes

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Helped 150+ businesses exit their PEO
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All in one: HRIS, Payroll, Benefits, State Registrations and Compliance

Simplify Your PEO Exit

With all of the complexity involved in exiting a PEO, OutSail strives to make the process straightforward and painless.

Our team has helped hundreds of businesses exit their PEO. Let's help you do the same!

Get Started

OutSail will manage the entire HRIS selection process for your team, helping you: build your requirements, get matched to vendors, evaluate effectively and negotiate the best deal

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OutSail offers a team of ex-benefits brokers to help you: craft the best benefit plans, manage your broker selection process and get benefits integrated into payroll

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OutSail provides additional support for businesses as they are building new handbooks, leave policies and managing their state & local tax registrations

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Set-Up For Success

Best Match

OutSail ensures that you partner with the right vendors and don't miss a step in your PEO roll off

Best Price

OutSail ensures that businesses get the best prices on their HRIS software and benefit plans

Ongoing Support

OutSail leverages our partner relationships to ensure speedy resolutions and ongoing success
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Interested in leaving a PEO?

We can advise on HRIS +
Broker selections in tandem

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