Going global?

OutSail can help you find the right technology solutions for a global workforce.

Global EOR, global payroll, global HRIS and much more

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Share your business's global strategy and we'll provide the best matches!

Hire & Manage Employees Wherever They Are

The new world of work has opened the door for jobs to be done anywhere.

OutSail can help you find the right solutions to manage your global workforce

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OutSail partners with every major global HRIS, EOR and payroll vendor
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OutSail can highlight the trade-offs and costs of each option

Operation Excellence. Everywhere.

Until recently, the global employee management space had been the domain of large, multinational corporations.

Now businesses of all sizes are hiring top talent wherever they can find it.

New, dynamic solutions have come to market in the last decade to help businesses manage these employees.

OutSail can help you find the right ones!

Get Started

If you want to hire new employees globally, but don't want to set up a new entity, then a global EOR can be a great solution. Depending on your workforce, OutSail can recommend the right fits

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Payroll is so unique from country-to-country that even the largest vendors only can process it in a few regions. OutSail can help you find a partner with the reach and expertise you need

Options to choose from

Whether you're looking for a global system-of-record, or performance & engagement tools, OutSail can help you find the providers who work best in your countries of operation

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Thrive in the New Era

Streamlined Processes

Manage all of your global employees from a single dashboard to simplify compliance and reporting

Employee Experience

Although they might not be in HQ, you can ensure that your global employees feel fully valued and included

Cost Management

Expanding internationally has traditionally required exorbitant consulting and legal fees. When navigated correctly, the modern marketplace can help you save big

Get in touch and see how global can be your competitive advantage

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