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Rather than spending hours on sales calls gathering biased information, let an OutSail advisor help you identify the best-fits for your needs.

OutSail partners with every major EOR vendor, and you never pay a cent for OutSail's services due to our unique broker model

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Only speak to salespeople after you've selected the right finalists
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Full Service Buying Support

OutSail does more than just offer vendor recommendations. Work with an advisor who can help you: 

-Build your requirements
-Match to the right vendors
-Ask the right questions
-Negotiate like a pro

Get Started

Work with a dedicated advisor and use our proprietary surveys to help determine your system requirements and buying priorities

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Within days, receive a detailed shortlist of curated vendors to review, complete with pricing, pros/cons and user reviews

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Your OutSail advisor will prepare demo questions, provide a scorecard tool and share negotiation strategies to help you evaluate effectively

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Long-Term Buying Success

Best Match

OutSail ensures that you partner with a solution that can meet your organization's needs today and into the future

Best Price

OutSail's negotiation assistance consistently helps clients see discounts of 10-15% off of list price

Ongoing Support

Challenges during implementation or post go-live? OutSail leverages our partner relationships to ensure quick resolutions
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See how enjoyable the software buying experience can be.